March 21, 2012
Week Four in Review: Asia
By John Frankl

[The wall balls and double-unders were doable for everybody. The same cannot be said for the 30 muscle-ups.

In the penultimate workout of the Open portion of the Games, we saw the second three-movement AMRAP in a row. This time, however, athletes were treated to a switch from a grueling 18 minutes to a mere 12-minute workout, albeit one with a decidedly higher rep scheme.

In Asia, this correlated to a drop in male athletes from 301 to 266. This means 35 male athletes failed to complete 12.4, as opposed to 32 for 12.3. For the female athletes we saw a drop of eight, from 114 to 106.

The wall ball shots and double-unders, while excruciating at 150 and 90, respectively, were doable by everybody. The same cannot be said of the 30 muscle-ups. They very well may have led to the drop in numbers for Week 4.

Among the female athletes in Asia, Feng Yi Chew of Singapore secured a strong 2nd place finish with 250, which allowed her to hold on to her overall 1st position for the fourth week straight. Okinawa’s Christen Wagner’s 1st place finish of 254 guaranteed her another week at 2nd, close on the heels of Chew.

Candice Howe finished 12.4 in 5th with 241, which kept her in 3rd place overall. CrossFit 671’s Nicole Tainatongo scored a 7th place finish with 240 — only one rep behind Howe — to cement her 4th place position again.

After some movement in the first two weeks, the women’s positions appear to be firming up over the last couple weeks.

Among Asia’s males, Brice Collier maintained his No. 1 position — this time with a 1st place finish of 260 for the week — giving him the lead for three weeks running. Joseph Rank took 2nd place with 257 — only three points off the lead —to maintain his position in 2nd place overall.

Michael Mogard moved up to 3rd place overall by sharing 2nd place for the week with 257, knocking Greg Harris from 3rd to 4th place overall.

Korea’s Seong Hyeon Go took 9th for the week with 253, which moved him up to share 4th place with Harris.

The drop in athletes for Week 4 was not too large. We still have a lot of athletes in the running from a very good assortment of countries and nationalities in Asia. Among them, Korea’s male athletes remain strong. Again, four of the top 10 male athletes in Asia are competing in Korea.

Once again, it would be a great help if individual athletes provided maximum detail in their profiles. With a region as large and diverse as Asia, it can be difficult at times to give proper credit to particular gyms and regions.

Also, if any Affiliates are hosting Open workouts, please let us know and provide photos and videos.

With only one workout left, perhaps we will finally see that heavy couplet.