April 1, 2013
Week Four in Review: Africa
By Jolene Raison

It's been a week of change and surprise in the Africa Region.

It’s been a week of change and surprise on the Africa Region Leaderboard, especially when it comes to the top men. Workout 13.4 saw several fresh names surge to the fore on the Men’s board, while the Women’s Leaderboard welcomes a couple of top names from the first two weeks back into the top five.

This week the top score belongs to Jason Smith with 103 reps. (He placed fourth in 13.3.) Just one rep behind him are David Levey, Richard Smith and Wade Bothwell, all tying for second.

Hot on their heels with 100 reps each are Sean Engelbrecht, Carl Du Plessis, Stephan Meyer and Felix Malan, all tied for fifth place in this workout.

Of these athletes, all except Levey and the Smith brothers are new to the top five.

Looking at overall placements the Leaderboard remains much as it was last week. David Levey is still in first place, followed by Richard Smith, Jaco Van der Vyver and Gerhard van der Merwe.

This week’s surprise placement is Alan Foulis who has been climbing slowly but surely every week and now claims fifth place.

For the Women, Janine Prinsloo is at No. 1 with 90 reps for 13.4. Sharing second place, just four reps behind her are Rika Deidericks and Nicole Seymour.

Relatively unknown in CrossFit circles, Seymour is well respected in the fitness world as a fitness expert and writer, celebrity trainer and fitness model.  

Mona Pretorius’ 85 reps earn her fourth place, while Ellie Hagopian comes in at fifth with 79 reps. This is Hagopian’s first time in the top five.

This means that overall for all four events the top three positions once again to go Pretorius, Diedericks and Mary Jamieson. Seymour reclaims fourth place she held in week 1 and Janine Prinsloo is back in the 5th place she occupied after 13.2.

It’s thrilling to see so many new names appear at the top of the Leaderboard. A reminder that it’s still anyone’s game.