March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: North East
By Will Lanier

Open Workout 12.5 was the last chance for athletes throughout the North East and worldwide to muscle through reps that either make or break a competitor in hopes of getting to Regionals. Workout 12.5 was a reclaimed workout from the 2011 Open Competition. Those who remembered it from last year knew to expect 7-minutes of breathlessness.

The coveted top 60 changed drastically over the past four weeks and going into Week 5 — it was anyone’s game.

The top athlete in Weeks 1 and 2, Matt Simonton lost all the points for his push presses on Workout 12.3 after judges reviewed his submission, setting him back almost 100 places with a huge hurdle to jump in 12.4 and 12.5. Even with 140 reps completed in Week 5, Simonton ended up 6 places short of qualifying for Regionals.

In the women’s competition, 38-year old Mickey Schultz (CrossFit Montclair) moved up 2 places between 12.4 and 12.5 securing her top-60 seed going into Regionals.


A new name in the top three, Dustin Wetter from CrossFit 315 swept through 156 reps, only 5 reps of 2011 Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning. Sitting comfortably at 13th overall, Wetter could find his time to shine during Memorial Day weekend.

Three men managed 143 reps for 12.5 including Austin Malleolo (Reebok CrossFit ONE) who finished 12.5 securing 4th in the overall competition in the North East.

James Hobart (CrossFit New England) and Dan Goldberg also muscled through 143 reps and we’ll be seeing both at Regionals in May. Goldberg actually created a site to upload his videos to ( to allow CrossFitters worldwide to watch his climb up the Leaderboard.

In the overall competition — Mike McKenna (CrossFit 914) is still on top, followed by CrossFit veteran Dan Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy), and King of Queens, David Charbonneau (CrossFit Long Island City).

2011 Games athlete, Spencer Hendel (Reebok CrossFit ONE) completed 119 reps to pen his name onto the regional roster.


Workout 12.5 is another week of deja vu over on the Women’s Leaderboard — the women’s competition is too close to call this soon in the race. A few names move around, but overall—it will be interesting to see who secures their ticket to the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Mel Ockerby (CrossFit New England) worked her way through 7 minutes to complete 146 reps and securing her spot on the top for 12.5 and 15th overall.

Jenny Davis (CrossFit Performance), a name known to CrossFitters around the world, completed 141 reps this week, overtaking Kaleena Ladeairous (CrossFit Port Chester) as the fittest in the North East.

Rachel Martinez (O-Side CrossFit) and Alicia Gomes (CrossFit Wicked) are two women who we’ve seen a few times this season in the top seeds and this week is no exception. Martinez at 3rd and Gomes at 4th in 12.5 have both secured their places at Regionals — both tied for 6th in the North East.

In the overall competition, Emily Friedman (CrossFit Dynamix) comes in 2nd after 12.5, followed by Ladeairous at 3rd.  2011 Games athlete, Stacey Kroon (CrossFit Fenway), muscled her way thru 126 reps and sits pretty at 10th overall.

In the women’s competition—rookies and veterans will be vying for the top three spots and it really is anyone’s game. Who will it be?


The team competition is heating up with last year’s Affiliate Cup winners CFNE Team A (CrossFit New England) taking the gold again in Week 5. SCF1 (Shoreline CrossFit) comes in 59 reps behind CFNE Team A, but is still top dog overall.

CrossFit Milford (CrossFit Milford) managed to compile 726 reps between their top athletes and are in good standing at 5th overall after 12.5

CrossFit Southie finishes off the top three teams overall.

Last year regional team from CrossFit Fenway maintains 12th overall while CrossFit Route 1 A Team completed the Open at 18th overall.


It was make or break in the Masters Divisions this week—for these athletes; it’s the Open directly to the Games.

In the Men’s 45-49 top spot sits Scott Detore (CrossFit Kryptonite) with 124. Detore is 2nd in the world.

No big surprises in the Women’s 45-49 with both Amy Mendelbaum (CrossFit Performance) and Lisa Mikkelsen (CrossFit New England) putting up the largest scores at 118 and 117, respectively.

Brian Curley (CrossFit New England) and Elaine Polito (CrossFit Bridgewater) take first in the Master’s 50-54 Division for the 4th week in a row. Polito is 2nd worldwide after 12.5.

Hank Berger (O-Side CrossFit) performed best in the North East in the Men’s 55-59 Division. Annie Michel (CrossFit 321) takes the gold in 12.5 in the Women’s 55-59 and keeps her name in the top 10 overall.

Finally, in the 60+ Division, its Peter Nathan (GunX CrossFit) again leading the men at 4th worldwide and Meryl Joseph (CrossFit Great Barrington) at 5th worldwide.

Bubba Hagood (CrossFit New England), a top athlete in the 2011 Open sits at 34th overall, up 1 spot from last week.

North East Regional Competition

The North East Regional Competition will be held May 25-27 (that’s Memorial Day Weekend), so pack your bags and head to Canton, Mass., for one hell of a weekend. If the Leaderboard is any indication — we are in for some fun.

If you want to be more than a spectator, click here to volunteer at Regionals. There will be plenty of help needed to make the day memorable and fun. Let’s make history.