March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: North Central
By Alex Tubbs

Brandon Pastorek and Deb Cordner Carson took 1st on 12.5.

It seems fitting that a version of CrossFit’s most notorious workout would again be the conclusion to the CrossFit Games Open. Workout 12.5 did a great job of leaving athletes wrecked, whether they were attempting to beat their score from last year or taking on the Fran Ladder for the first time.

Here are the top stories from Week 5 in the North Central Region.


Brandon Pastorek continued his domination of the Open by scoring the most reps on 12.5 in the North Central. His 157-rep performance also cemented his top placement in the Open overall in the region. 

Justin Allen, who has been falling just short of Pastorek throughout the Open, again comes in 2nd place in both 12.5 and the overall score. You can bet there will be a battle between these two at Regionals.

Coming as close as you can, but still making it is CrossFit 309’s Gavin Vansaghi. Going into Week 5 in 53rd place, his 115-rep performance on 12.5 was just good enough to prevent him from dropping past 60th place. Another close call was our favorite comeback kid, Rodney Hamby. He was able to climb his way up from 62nd to 59th place with his impressive 127 reps on 12.5.


There aren’t many surprises when you look at the top women. Many familiar names make up the top 10. Leading the way is 2011 Games athlete Deborah Cordner Carson. Her 4th place finish on 12.5 secured her overall win in the North Central. 
The top score on 12.5 comes from CrossFit Gambit's Kelley Jackson. Her 142 reps put her in 2nd place overall. CrossFit OKC's Ginny King rounded out the top three.

K-State CrossFit’s Shely Weinrich logged 97 reps to land in 60th place, just making the cut to Regionals.


QCCF has been knocked out of 1st place for the first time by veteran team CrossFit Omaha. All of CFO’s athletes were able to score above 100 reps on 12.5 giving them an impressive total of 792.  CrossFit Bellator 1 rounds out the top three.

The team competition is still anyone’s game, however. We don’t know which athletes will be going individual and which ones will be going team. There could be some big surprise at the Regional competition.


Finishing 1st in the last three Open workouts, CrossFit North West Arkansas’ Denny Hawkins claims 1st place in the Men’s Masters (55-59) Division and a ticket to the CrossFit Games.

2011 Masters (55-59) Champion Shelley Noyce finishes the Open in 3rd place. Her 108 reps on 12.4 ensured she’d be defending her title back in Carson, Calif.


All of the 2011 Games athletes and teams from the North Central Region have secured a spot to this year’s Regional competition. 

Currently in 8th place, MadTown CrossFit’s and former DI Track/XC athlete Keysha Benzing, will be giving up her spot at Regional’s to train for the Olympic trials in the 800 meter.