March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: Latin America
By Thomas Patton

The 2012 CrossFit Games Open is finally over for those who had been battling week after week to qualify for Regionals. More than 400 men and 140 women completed the Open in Latin America, about four times more than last year, so the sentiment and excitement that has proliferated amongst the Region is magnificent.

As predicted, since Workout 12.1 was validated (and probably since the 2011 Latin America Regional) Orlando Trejo took the Region by storm and qualified for Regionals with only 6 total points and a 33-point lead on 2nd place. Trejo won all but one workout, in which he took 2nd.

After listening all year about how the most competitive regions were packed with firebreathers and Games contenders, Trejo’s box, Reebok CrossFit Peru, and all of Latin America is extremely proud to say Trejo finished 5th worldwide.

Anita Pravatti from CrossFit Jundiaí in Brazil finished 1st on the women’s side, and although she was definitely new to the spotlight, she consistently was leading the Leaderboard since Workout 12.2. However, she only beat Marylin Rojas by 1 point and Krista Pell by 2.

Wanda Brenton and Tarasa Barnett follow at 4th and 5th, only 7 and 11 points behind Pravatti respectively. Jenn Chailler, 3rd place in burpees worldwide (140) in Workout 12.1 follows not too far behind with 39 points.

Thirty-three points behind Trejo is David Andrade, owner of CrossFit Quito in Ecuador. Despite his several surgeries and the mechanical disadvantages, we are looking forward to watch this firebreather perform.

Juan Cruz Sartori from CrossFit Argos in Argentina follows in 3rd place with 59 points, and later Jose Over (Ecuador), Tiago Lopes (Brazil), Doug Oberbeck (Colombia), and Luis Giraldo (Colombia), follow with 112, 114, 116 and 119 points.

The top five teams out of the 19 in the Region are by finishing order: CrossFit Guayaquil (Ecuador), CrossFit Cayman (Cayman Islands), CrossFit 7 Mile (Cayman Islands), Reebok CrossFit PTY (Panama) and CrossFit Peru 1 (Peru). We might also be able to see a very interesting team competition this year. Rumor has it that many men are considering going team since they are doubtful of battling it out with Trejo for the Region’s single spot to the CrossFit Games.

So, the 2012 CrossFit Games Open is over. The plane tickets for Cali are purchased, the volunteer registration list is already plentiful and preparations are under way. The top men, top women, and top teams of the Region will come together in a festival-like manner and celebrate their passion, the community and CrossFit as a sport.