March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: Central East
By Josh Bunch

Rich Froning continues his domination in the Central East with a strong finish in Open Workout 12.5.

Open Workout 12.5 gained many choice names during its second tenure as the CrossFit Open finale. It was time to compete with the 2011 version of yourself.


From day one, Rich Froning has been unmatched as a competitor. Froning, 2011 CrossFit Games champion and now 2012 CrossFit Open champion, along with training partner Dan Bailey, finished their Open performances in style on the CrossFit Tour in Ft. Worth, Texas with a crowd cheering them home. A score of 161 reps on Workout 12.5 put Froning nearly 150 points away from 2nd place worldwide giving the field a very distant competitor to chase down come Regionals.

The top 10 men in the Central East include past Games competitors Nick Urankar (3rd), Joe Weigel (8th) and 2010 Games champion, Graham Holmberg (10th).


As always, the women of the Central East continue to impress the rest of the world with their show-stoppers, consistency and of course, last minute hopefuls rising through the ranks.

With three 1st place finishes in the Central East, Julie Foucher has proven herself not only in the region, but worldwide. At the end of the Open, she’s in 2nd place, just 11 points behind Kristan Clever.

Not far behind is Lindsay Smith in 2nd place in the Region and Michelle Kinney in 3rd.

Foucher’s closest 12.5 competitor was none other than the Central East’s burpee phenom, Jolene Grant showing 12.1 was no fluke. Grant bested CrossFit Games competitors Michelle Kinney, and Lindsey Smith with a respectful 136 reps leaving her well-deserved spot for Regionals in May.


With only 30 teams making the Regional trip, athletes looked to their Fran superstars to do what they do best during Workout 12.5 – thrusters, and pull-ups.

In no short measure, SPC CrossFit continued their Open dominance with yet another 1st place victory bringing an unbeatable 12.5 score to the table of 750 reps. CrossFit Faith chimed in a close second with 736 reps, leaving 3rd place to CrossFit Covington and a score of 694 reps.

Overall, SPC CrossFit stays in 1st with CrossFit Faith and CrossFit Maximus following in 2nd and 3rd.