March 26, 2012
Week Five in Review: Canada West
By Ken Andrukow

Let's give it up for Jason Cain, Angie Pye, and Jolaine Bloom.

CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.5 threw down the gauntlet for athletes to complete increasing sets of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups, giving athletes an idea if all their hard work over the last year has paid off.


Jason Cain of Saskatoon’s CrossFit 306 claims the top spot in the Canada West Region, the same position he clinched last year in Canada East. Cain completed 155 reps in 12.5, 17 more than in the workout last year and eight more than the next closest competitor. This earns him 13th place, worldwide in the workout and 62nd place overall.  

Jeremy Meredith and Steven Bergeron were 2nd and 3rd this week, raising their overall spots to 8th and 11th, respectively. 

Finishing in 2nd place overall is Tyson Takasaki of CrossFit Taranis, bettering his placement from last year’s 3rd place Open finish. Takasaki completed 123 reps, up eight reps from last year’s workout. He sits at 107th place worldwide.

In 3rd place is Robert Perovich of CrossFit Fraser Valley. Ray Krumme takes 4th place, while Lucas Parker, last year’s Canada West champion, finishes in 5th place. Rounding out the top 10 men in the region are Steve Howell, Mark Cassibo, Iain Maclean and Nate Beveridge.


The top scoring women remain virtually unchanged after 12.5. Angie Pye of CrossFit Taranis continues her domination in Canada West, finishing in the top spot and earning the 14th spot in the worldwide rankings. Pye completed 126 reps in 12.5, four more than last year.

Alicia Connors, also from CrossFit Taranis, maintains 2nd place in Canada West and takes the 40th spot worldwide. She increased her score in 12.5 by seven reps completing 124 total reps. Right behind Connors sits Chelsea Miller in 3rd place. Miller, from CrossFit Calgary completed 127 reps, eight more from last year. She achieves a 62nd place ranking worldwide.

Maintaining her 4th place standing is Jocelyn Rylee of Saskatoon’s CrossFit Brio and behind her in 5th place is Emily Beers of CrossFit Vancouver. Jolaine Bloom of CrossFit Invermere took 1st place in 12.5 with 144 reps, outscoring her next closest competitor Chelsea Miller by eight reps. Bloom finishes the Open in 6th place, tied with Heather Gillespie of CrossFit Lethbridge. The remaining top 10 women are Rachel Siemens, Nancy McKeage and Jennifer Dober.


Canada West will be sending five athletes from the Masters categories to the CrossFit Games Masters Competition this year.

Masters 45-49 Division

Canada West's Laurie Meschishnick of CrossFit Saskatoon was 12th this week with 108 reps, giving her an impressive overall placing of 4th. Ken Andrukow of CrossFit Ramsay placed 12th on 12.5 with 115 reps and placed 16th overall.

Masters 50-54 Division

Gord Mackinnon of CrossFit BC was 1st again this week with a very impressive 116 reps and is 1st overall after the Open. In 12th this week was Troy Straith with 99 reps. He clinches a spot in the Games with 7th overall.

Masters 55-59 Division

Richard Roston of CrossFit West Vancouver claims 2nd overall in the Open with a 93 rep performance in 12.5.

Terry Peters of CrossFit North Vancouver also has a spot on the Games bus as he placed 8th this week and 15th overall.


The CrossFit Taranis team defends its 2011 Open championship once again finishing in 1st place in Canada West. The three boxes from Saskatoon, CrossFit Brio, Synergy Strength and CrossFit 306 take 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, respectively. Finishing in 5th place is Optimum Performance Training from Calgary. CrossFit Calgary and CrossFit Vernon (CFV) are tied in 6th position with CrossFit BC, CrossFit Fraser Valley and CrossFit Vernon rounding out the top 10.

An incredible five weeks of workouts are over and athletes are now focused on the next step to the CrossFit Games.