April 5, 2013
Week Five in Review: Australia
By John Michael Bric

The final workout of this year’s Open confronted athletes with a chest-to-bar Fran AMRAP, which included the first-ever time bonus in Open history.

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is officially over with 13.5 done and dusted!

The final workout of this year’s Open confronted athletes with a chest-to-bar Fran AMRAP, which included the first-ever time bonus in Open history.

Those who were able to complete 90 reps within a four-minute period were given another four minutes to complete another 90 reps or more. This process would continue until they couldn’t go any further.

In the end, just one athlete in the Australia Region was able to earn two time bonuses by completing 180 reps in eight minutes. That was Zack Williams, whose score of 210 was the equal 23rd best score worldwide.

In the women’s half, Pip Malone submitted the best score, completing 167 reps, which ended up being the equal 16th best score worldwide.

And in the Team Division, Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne dominated week five in Australia, posting the best score in the Region, and the sixth best worldwide score for workout 13.5.

Here’s a closer look at each of the major divisions after week five:


Zack Williams was the standout performer in the Australia Region for 13.5, finishing 40 reps ahead of the next best competitor, Ben Garard, who submitted a score of 170.

Dual Games competitor, Rob Forte, was third overall for week five, meaning he finished the Open in first place in Australia.

Fellow Games competitor, Brandon Swan, finished the Open in the second spot overall in the region, with Scott Mackenzie rounding out the top three.

Reigning Regional champion and ninth-place finisher at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, Chad Mackay, finished 17th, while three-time Games competitor Chris Hogan was a few spots back in 22nd place.

Williams’ top score for 13.5 saw him move up to 21st place in Australia, earning him a spot at the Australia Regional in May.

Other big names to qualify for the Regionals Brendan Clarke, James Newbury, Kieran Hogan, Luke Starr, Michael Roach, Drummond Williamson and Kiwi, Mahdi Te Heuheu.

But we also saw some well known athletes fail to make the top 48, with Trent Jones tied for 59th overall, and Sam Joraslafsky ending the Open in 62nd place.

Ben Garard finished the Open strongly after having his 13.2 score rejected, ending up in the 775th spot.


In Australia, Pip Malone posted the best female score completing 167 reps. Her score was four reps better than Jessica Coughlan and another two better than Penny Kemp.

The win saw Malone finish the Open in third place in the Region.

Amanda Allen, however, claimed the overall honors in Australia, finishing just one point ahead of reigning Regional champion, Kara Gordon.

Ashley Higgins finished the Open in fourth place, while dual Games competitor, Ruth Anderson Horrell, was fifth overall.

2011 Regional champion, Amy Dracup, also qualified for the Australia Regional, along with former Games competitor, Megan Smith, and Courtney Fitzharris.

Other big names to finish the Open inside the top 48 include Philippa Robinson, Rachael Cleave, Brooke Surtees and Justine Beath.

Commonwealth Games bronze medalist, Andrea Miller, qualified for the Regionals, finishing the Open in 11th place in Australia.


Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne dominated week five in Australia, posting a combined score of 884 reps, which was the sixth best in the world for 13.5.

The weekly win sees them finish the Open in second place overall, with CrossFit Active taking the Regional honors this Open.

CrossFit Active finished in the top three teams in Australia for every workout during the Open, and ended up winning with a combined total of just eight points.

CrossFit Athletic finished in third place in the region and CrossFit New Zealand ended the week in the fourth-place spot overall.

Last year’s podium finisher at the Australia Regional, Tropic Thunder, also made the top 30 teams, finishing the Open in 24th place, while CrossFit Newcastle is 16th overall.


Kiwi Garry Jones posted the best worldwide score for 13.5 in the Men’s 60+ Division, and finished the Open in second place overall, booking him a spot at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Fellow New Zealander, Sue Steinhauer, also qualified for the Women’s 60+ Division after finishing the Open in third place overall

In the Men’s 50-54 Division, Australians Russell Kapper and Matt Nicholson both finished inside the top 20, earning them a spot at the Games, as well.

Lynne Knapman also booked a spot to the Home Depot Center in the Women’s 50-54 Division, finishing the Open in 11th place worldwide.