March 26, 2012
Week 5 in Review: Mid Atlantic
By Larry Palazzolo, Sean Catto, and Jeremy Brown
Dominating the Open for the fifth straight week, Sean Thomson of CrossFit Go Hard ended Week 5 in 1st place in the Mid Atlantic
Dominating the Open for the fifth straight week, Sean Thomson of CrossFit Go Hard ended Week 5 in 1st place in the Mid Atlantic

Pennsylvannia/Maryland/Delaware by Larry Palazzolo

Dominating the Open for the fifth straight week, Sean Thomson of CrossFit Go Hard ended Week 5 in 1st place in the Mid Atlantic, and 2nd place in the world behind the 2011 Fitest Man on Earth Rich Froning. It’s Sean Thomson’s region, we’re just living in it.

Jenny Butler of CrossFit West Chester moved up two spots from Week 4 to finish in 5th place, while Emily Pale of CrossFit Explode fell from 4th to 10th. The 2009 CrossFit Games champion Tanya Wagner who finished the Open in 14th will join Butler and Pale at Regionals.

For the second year in a row R.A.W. Training finishes the Open as the No. 1 team in the region.

There must be something in the water in Pennsylvania sending 12 of the top 20 men and women, and nine of the 30 qualifying teams to Regionals.

North Carolina by Sean Catto

The final week of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open comes to a close, and the final chosen athletes of the Mid Atlantic region have been announced. Open Workout 12.5, a brutally familiar 7-minute thruster/pull-up ladder, tested the potential of North Carolina's finest athletes in the final bid for a place among the top 60.

Among the top 60 competitors were some of the most elite athletes in the region. Seven women in the women’s side and six men from the men’s competition have found themselves among the top 20 in the region, placing them well in the running for a shot at the podium. The North Carolina athletes in the top 20 are Cameron Williams, Michelle Crawford, Melissa Jamerino, Tracy Shuford, Krista Owens, Michelle Benedict and Pam Gagnon; and Daniel Skidmore, John Zvejneiks, Nate Schrader, Ken Crowder, Matt Temesy and David Borrelli.

This week's teams competition saw CrossFit Wilmington surge ahead of CrossFit Explode with a score of 739, effectively ending the Open with a 2nd place finish. CrossFit Greensboro remained in 4th place with a score of 722, while CrossFit Vitality moved into 8th place with 690.

In the Masters Divisions, where the athletes will forgo the Regional competition and continue directly to Carson, Calif., CrossFit Coastal's Lidia Beer and CrossFit Eternal's Lee Monk of the Women's 55-59 Division have secured their place on the Leaderboard to represent North Carolina in the 2012 CrossFit Games.

Washington, D.C./Virginia/West Virginia by Jeremy Brown

Thomas Hooton and Ben Smith finished 3rd and 4th in the Mid Atlantic Region for Workout 12.5 with 147 and 146 repetitions, respectively. While their spots within the Region were unchanged, Smith managed to move up five spots on the worldwide Leaderboard for a top 25 finish for the Open. Henry Lopez continuing his ascent used his 138 reps to take the 8th position overall for the region. 

On the women’s side, Christy Phillips solidified her 3rd position in the region overall and moved up on the worldwide Leaderboard for a top 15 finish overall by doing 130 reps in Workout 12.5. Jenn Jones’s 130 reps pushed her up several spots to take 21st place in the world overall.  Courtney Modecki used her 125 reps to break into the top 20 for the Region overall. And Gretchen Kittelberger’s 124 reps helped her retain a top 10 finish for the Mid Atlantic Region. 

For the Masters, Jerry Hill held onto the top position for all five weeks of the Open by doing 121 reps for the Workout 12.5.

On the team side District CrossFit earned 5th place in the Mid Atlantic for both this workout and the Open overall. 

Outlaw CrossFit took 6th in the workout and 7th in the region. CrossFit Reston pulled out an 8th place finish in the workout and closed out the Open in 9th place in the region overall.