Two Teams Disqualified From 2013 Games

June 22, 2013


SoCal's Brick CrossFit and Australia's Southern CrossFit will not compete next month in Carson, Calif. 

After failing to meet requirements as stated by the CrossFit Games Rulebook, two teams have been disqualified from competing at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. 

SoCal's Brick CrossFit and Australia's Southern CrossFit will not compete next month in Carson, Calif. 

Southern CrossFit was disqualified due to an athlete on its team failing their drug test following their Regional performance. All qualifying athletes and teams are tested for a number of performance enhancing drugs at the Games, Regionals and even during the Open. 

Brick CrossFit was disqualified because one of their athletes did not meet the team eligibility requirements for January and February. All teams are required to have all of their members training at the same location for the majority of their workouts each week, beginning January 1.