Two Down

March 6, 2012


Get the official rundown on 12.2.

Burpees and snatches down. Three mysteries remain. 

Two down, three to go.

Over the last week, CrossFitters from around the world lifted more than a quarter of a billion pounds. That’s more than 12 Eiffel Towers, 18,000 elephants, or 866 blue whales.

If those facts don’t astound you, check this one out:

After two single modality workouts—one accessible to all (the burpee) and one demanding technical skill (the snatch)—the fittest athletes in the world have risen to the top of the Leaderboard.

Games champions Kristan Clever and Rich Froning lead in the overall worldwide standings. 

This week, Froning demoed the workout to the world, let over 30,000 men try to beat him, and remained on top with 98 snatches. Only one new athlete, Scott Paltos of PUMP CrossFit (North East, USA), was able to tie him.

Lindsey Valenzuela of Valley CrossFit got an early lead, releasing a video of 108 snatches on Friday afternoon. Two days later, the 2011 CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir turned in her own video, beating her fellow Games competitor by one rep (watch Annie's 109 snatches here).

Important Reminders

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