March 2, 2012
Train Together, Stick Together: Shelley Noyce
By Dajon Ferrell
"CrossFit is such a big part of our family," the 2011 Masters 55-59 champs says.
"CrossFit is such a big part of our family," the 2011 Masters 55-59 champs says.

CrossFit is such a big part of our family.

Noyce at the 2011 CrossFit Games Masters Competition in Carson, California.

Bringing home gold in the final event.

For 2011 Masters 55-59 champion Shelley Noyce, CrossFit is now a way of life. But that wasn’t always the case. Her son, Bobby and daughter, Jaime started CrossFit and spent a month trying to convince Noyce to try it. Already very physically active with tennis and swimming, she felt there was no need to add something else to her plate. “They finally talked me into giving it a try and I’ve been hooked ever since,” Noyce says.

Not only did she get hooked, but a couple of months later, they were able to convince the rest of her family. Noyce’s husband, Jim, her other daughter, Lindsay, along with her husband, Justin are all avid CrossFitters. 

After training out of a garage for some time, Bobby and Jaime decided to open a box. Now the whole family, with the exception of Jim, is has completed the Level 1 Seminar and all train at CrossFit 515 in Des Moines, Iowa. They even competed in the Open last year and all her children qualified for Regionals. “CrossFit is such a big part of our family that we even took a stop at CrossFit 515 after Lindsay and Justin's wedding ceremony.”

Seeing how CrossFit has become a family affair, it makes sense that Noyce never acknowledges that there is an offseason. “For me, CrossFit is a lifestyle. I give as much as I can, in every WOD I do.” She considered herself an avid athlete before trying CrossFit, but says it has made her more physically fit than she has ever been.

For her training, Noyce follows the guideline of three days on, one day off, as much as possible. “I attempt to do as many WODs as RX’d as possible.” She recently found out just how scalable CrossFit can be. “Unfortunately, I broke my foot during a tennis match and was in a boot to recover. I continued to do modified WODs, even in the boot.”

Noyce plans to take on the Open no different than she approaches every workout, continually giving her all each day. “Of course, I hope it once again will be enough to qualify me for the Games.” She describes the atmosphere at the games as being incredible. “In what other sport do you see competitors cheering each other on? I think it truly reflected the remarkable community of people that embrace CrossFit.” 

She encourages every avid CrossFit athlete to go experience the Games. Noyce also tries to convince more people, especially in the Masters group, to give CrossFit a try. “I know it often looks intimidating seeing the best of the best, but I think anyone at any skill level could and would benefit from CrossFit.”