September 4, 2014
Top 10 of Team Series Week 1
By Megan Mitchell
1. A woman front squatted 330 lb. three times.
1. A woman front squatted 330 lb. three times.

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1. A woman front squatted 330 lb. three times.

Doubt it?

Fair enough. But this score happens to be posted by a three-time Olympian who set the Pan-American record for the clean and jerk at 326 lb. (and snatch at 253 lb.). Her name is Nora Koppel, and she is competing on Reebok CrossFit Tuluka of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oh, and she is 42 years old.

Her 330-lb. front squats helped carry her team to an Event 3 win in the Rx Division. The men of Reebok CrossFit Tuluka lifted 396 and 341 lb., while the women lifted 330 and 198 lb.

Koppel’s 3-rep max is so impressive it manages to make Stacie Tovar’s 250, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Lauren Fisher’s 245s, seem like kiddy weights. Then I remember I can't deadlift that much.

Reebok CrossFit Tuluka didn't post their video on the Team Series Leaderboard, but they did share a short clip on Facebook (Koppel starts at 0:51).

And since you must be curious, here are the women's big lifts from Team Reebok East and Rogue Fitness Red.

Tovar lifts 250 lb. at 8:38.

Team Reebok East - Team Series Event 3 from Jared Davis on Vimeo.

Fisher lifts 245 lb. at 1:30, and Leblanc-Bazinet starts at 2:27.

2. Scott Panchik finished the 30-calorie row, 30 bar-facing burpees, and 30 135-lb. hang cleans in 3:03.

Panchik starts at 13:53.

Team Reebok East - Team Series Event 4 from Jared Davis on Vimeo.

3. Samantha Briggs finished the 30-calorie row, 30 bar-facing burpees, and 30 95-lb. hang cleans in 3:43.

Rogue Fittness Black - Event 4 from John Cropper on Vimeo.

4. Josh Bridges and Dan Bailey completed 16 rounds plus 4 double-unders in Event 1.

That amounts to 240 75-lb. power snatches and 484 double-unders in 12 minutes.

Rogue Fitness Red - Event 1 from Invictus Athlete on Vimeo.

5. Sam Briggs and Julie Foucher completed 15 rounds plus 37 reps in Event 1.

They were just 8 reps shy of 16 rounds of 30 double-unders and 15 55-lb. power snatches. 

Briggs and Foucher start at 14:21.

6. Three men front squatted 405 lb. or more three times.

Jared Stevens of CrossFit 417 and Paul Tremblay of CrossFit NCR tied at 405 lb. Ty Gilstrap of Kingman CrossFit got 425 lb.

7. Dan Bailey and Camile Leblanc-Bazinet finished 60 thrusters and 60 chest-to-bar pull-ups in 3:44.

Rogue Fitness Red - Event 2 from Invictus Athlete on Vimeo.

8. CrossFit 417 claimed fifth overall.

This affiliate team from Ozark, Missouri, displaced sponsored teams with multi-year CrossFit Games competitors.

Regional competitors Jared Stevens (fifth at the 2014 North Central Regional) and Mallory Lawson (eighth at the 2014 North Central Regional) are competing alongside 19-year-old Brooke Wells (ninth in North Central in the 2014 Open) and relative unknown Jordan Chiles.

To earn fifth overall, CrossFit 417 never dropped below 10th place on any event. They peaked with a 1,245 lb. total on the 3-rep-max front squats. That breaks down to 405 lb. (Stevens), 365 lb. (Chiles), 245 lb. (Wells), and 230 lb. (Lawson).

9. Seven affiliate teams burst into the Rx Division's top 20.

Sponsored teams aren’t the only ones with a ridiculous amount of fitness. A mix of veteran CrossFit Games teams and lesser known teams worked their way into the same ranks as the stars.

5. CrossFit 417
6. CrossFit Fort Vancouver
14. CrossFit Boynton Beach
15. CrossFit 808
18. CrossFit Grandview
19. CrossFit Parallax
20. CrossFit CDR Redlands

10. The Masters. Period.

Rocklin CrossFit’s masters team put up numbers that make you look twice. Four athletes over 40 lifted 350, 265, 195 and 150 lb. I must be on the Rx Leaderboard ...

The more you dig, the more impressive feats you'll find on the Masters Leaderboard. These athletes are posting numbers that would beat many of the top Rx teams.

Plus, with names like Not Young but Swold, The Mall Walkers, and The Chalking Dead, the Masters definitely win on style points. 

What did I miss? Post it in the comments below.

Corrected Sept. 5: Originally stated that Reebok CrossFit Tuluka hadn't posted a video of Event 3. Updated the article to reflect the fact that a short clip was posted to their Facebook page. 


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