Third CrossFit Team Series Event Released

August 27, 2014


Three announced, one to go.

The third event of the CrossFit Team Series is a 3-rep-max front squat.

All divisions—Rx'd, Masters and Scaled—will have just 10 minutes for each team member to establish a 3-rep-max front squat.

The stipulation is the team may only use a single barbell for all lifts. The team score will be the total sum of all team members' successful lifts.

Teams must wait until the four-day competition window to perform all events. A code word will be released August 28 and team members will need to say it at the start of the video.

Stay tuned. One more event for the first weekend of the CrossFit Team Series is still a mystery and will be announced soon. 

Teams can still register for the Team Series. Click here to register!