April 2, 2012
In by Surprise - Jonathan Reid
By Kate Rose

Imagine entering the Open without having practiced multi-modal circuits in months. Now imagine sitting 31st place, qualifying for the Canada East Regional. This is exactly where Jonathan Reid finds himself after the end of the Open.  

Reid’s portfolio isn’t entirely void of CrossFit experience. Reid started CrossFit in March 2009 in his garage, after talking with a family member. His first workout was Barbara. “I added push presses in for 10 reps in each round because I thought it wouldn’t be hard enough. I was proved wrong,” Reid says.

After a year of training in his gym, Reid gave the 2010 Atlantic Sectionals a try. He placed 18th and moved on to Regionals. He finished in the 18th spot again. He really enjoyed the experience, and says he’s amazed at how the sport has grown since. He competed in the Open last year, but his school schedule – Reid is in the engineering program at Memorial University of Newfoundland – prevented him from attending Regionals. Leading into the Open season for 2012, he wasn’t aware of a gym in St. John’s, so he didn't plan to compete.

Reid first heard about CrossFit Islander very close to the registration deadline for the Open. He registered just in time.

He isn't worried, but realistic and relaxed. “My training for the Open is non-existent. I have been training mostly strength lifts and O-lifts for the past seven months with much less emphasis on CrossFit,” he explains.

With little to lose, he is keeping a simple approach. “I just give everything on every workout,” he says. “I’ve cleaned up my diet since the Open started, and I have also started doing two WODs per day, two or more days a week. And less strength training.”

Going into 12.1, he was cautiously optimistic about his performance; he soon discovered the additional 5 pounds on his frame slowed down his pace. He doesn’t have fond memories of 115 burpees in 12.1. With all of the strength training he did over the past year, Reid found 12.2 enjoyable, but the following 12- and 18-minute events proved challenging, especially the wall balls.

Reid says he’s not a fan of wall balls, but they were balanced with muscle-ups – one of his strengths. Reid was able to get in 25 muscle ups at the end of the first round.

Reid thrives at bodyweight exercises and particularly enjoys “any WOD under 10 minutes, or some kind of lift and bodyweight couplet.” While this doesn’t exactly describe 12.5, the final workout played to Reid’s strengths and he completed 133 reps.

Reid is now in the position to attend Regionals with little CrossFit training over the past year. He already has a plan. “Between the Open and Regionals, I plan on doing lots of WODs, working on some weaknesses, like HSPU and wall balls. I also plan on doing handstand walks and those random skills that find their way into the Games,” he says. If he makes it, he’ll at least find himself a bit more prepared than he was for the Open. 

Reid is looking forward to Regionals again. Watch out – he’s starting to train for it.