April 2, 2013
Seeing the Light
By Kate Rose

"Training at an affiliate with the correct and other people has made a huge difference going into the Open this year."


Photos by: Curtis Johnson

Canada West is beginning to see the Light.

Erin Light currently sits in fourth among the women of Canada West — closely trailing the likes of Angie Pye, Emily Beers and Alicia Connors.

Light makes her home in Whitehorse, Yukon.

“Both my husband and I conducted research on northern hydrology as part of our schooling and fell in love with Whitehorse,” she says. “As soon as I was done with my school, we headed up.  It is so beautiful up here and lifestyle is a priority.  Everything we need is within a seven kilometer radius, including work, CrossFit, skiing, climbing and mountain biking.”

Light started CrossFit at CrossFit Waterloo in 2010, when she was still a student.

“I was a competitive gymnast growing up and did power cheerleading in university, competing for my school, an all-star team and Team Canada,” she says.

When she moved to Whitehorse, there wasn’t an affiliate. When CrossFit Whitehorse opened in 2012, Light was quick to sign up.

“Last year, I was training in the back corner of a globo gym in Whitehorse. I was not allowed to drop weight and often, I was alone,” she recalls. “Training at an affiliate with the correct equipment and other people has made a huge difference going into the Open this year.”

Living in a remote community makes gauging your progress against others difficult. The Open gives her an opportunity to see how she is doing.

“I have been struggling to know if my training has been enough as I have not had people to compare to. Through the Open, I am getting a better idea of my strengths and weaknesses,” she says.

She stays in contact with friends from CrossFit Waterloo, CrossFit Machine Shop and Square One CrossFit for support throughout the process.

Light’s performance suggests the CrossFit Whitehorse programming has served her well. She managed 190 reps on 13.1; 358 on 13.2; 255 on 13.3; and 101 on 13.4.

Light says the Open has almost been a little too comfortable. Each event has, in turn, played to her strengths.

“I hope that they throw something in there that I really stink at, like handstand push-ups and squats, so that my placement is an accurate reflection of my abilities."