March 30, 2016
Sam Briggs and Josh Bridges Win 16.5
By CrossFit
Once again, Sam Briggs and Josh Bridges set the world's fastest times on this workout.
Once again, Sam Briggs and Josh Bridges set the world's fastest times on this workout.

Sam Briggs and Josh Bridges have set the world’s fastest times on Open Workout 16.5.

Open Workout 16.5 was a repeat of Open Workout 14.5: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 thrusters (95 lb. / 65 lb.) and bar-facing burpees for time.

At the top of the worldwide Leaderboard, 16.5's record-setters look remarkably similar to 14.5's—the winners are the same two athletes as in 2014.  

Two years ago, the fastest finished in 7:49 (Bridges) and 8:31 (Briggs). Today, Bridges improved his time by 34 seconds (7:15) while Briggs cut a whopping 55 seconds off her time (7:36). Those improvements were necessary to fend off their challengers. In this repeat workout, 29 women and 7 men matched or bettered the winning times from 2014.  

Briggs and Bridges will each receive $2,016 for setting the world's fastest times on 16.5.

Sam Briggs

Josh Bridges

Jamie Greene of CrossFit Yas had initially submitted the world's fastest time of any female athlete at 7:23. However, Greene's score was assessed a minor penalty of 20 seconds because she failed to meet the required depth in the bottom position of a few thrusters. 

Learn about how the field fared in this workout in the 16.5 Workout Breakdown and Analysis by Jonathan Kinnick of Beyond the Whiteboard.

Note: Affiliate Managers will have until Wednesday, March 30 at 5 p.m. PT to validate scores. Since validation is ongoing, newly validated scores may appear on the Leaderboard and alter the standings.

All Divisions

Division Week's Winner Reps
Individual Men Josh Bridges 7:15
Individual Women Sam Briggs 7:36
Boys 14-15 Austin Gibbs 7:08
Girls 14-15 Kaela Stephano 9:08
Boys 16-17 Spencer Weston 9:17
Girls 16-17 Gabriela Migala 9:33
Men 40-44 Ryan Taylor 9:17
Women 40-44 Helen Harding 9:05
Men 45-49 Chris Ross 9:58
Women 45-49 Cheryl Brost 10:46
Men 50-54 Chris Podesto 10:11
Women 50-54 Dawn Regnier Sibilia 10:50 (T)
Women 50-54 Barbara Sessa 10:50 (T)
Men 55-59 Tom Potts 9:41
Women 55-59 Susan Clarke 9:29
Men 60+ Daniel Walsh 10:33
Women 60+ Donna Walters 12:19
Team CrossFit Fort Vancouver 51:50

Keep in mind that this is a snapshot of how the Leaderboard looked at the score submission deadline (Monday, March 29 at 5 p.m. PT). The Leaderboard will change as affiliate managers validate scores.

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