July 14, 2012
Rip and Go!
By CrossFit

Masters competitors unleash the Snatch Ladder.

The Masters athletes were the first athletes to compete on Saturday, starting the morning off with the Snatch Ladder. The rain and humidity of the previous day were replaced by sun and a cool breeze – a welcome relief for the competitors.

For the Snatch Ladder, the athletes had to complete a snatch every 30 seconds with progressively heavier barbells. If they failed a rep, the competitors could do double-under repetitions to add to their score.

Snatch ladders are all about remaining calm and preserving your technique in the heat of competition. None of the 60-plus women managed to get past 85 lb., but many added to their scores with double-unders. Theresa Foster, who said she “hates snatching,” hit a 10-lb. PR when she snatched 85. Foster said she’s planning to do her best on the upcoming chipper. She does strict pull-ups, but with the confidence of a 10 lb. snatch PR behind her, said she might just figure out how to kip today.

Annie Michel, 56, hit a 20-lb. PR when she snatched 95 lb. in front of a cheering crowd.

“We don’t do a lot of snatches,” Michel said.

Despite undergoing shoulder and hand surgery in December, Susan Habbe, 50, snatched 120 lb., the same weight as the top athlete in the 45-49 Division.

“My coach told me to keep it simple and don’t pay attention to the weight. I was just like a zombie going through the bars,” Habbe said.

Ignoring the weight on the bar was a strategy that worked for many competitors. Rick Rodriguez snatched 165 lb., a 15-lb. PR.

“I thought it was 155 lb.” he said after finishing the ladder.

Rodriguez is looking forward to the afternoon’s event.

“I love chippers. I hope to make up some ground there.”

The 45-54 men started out their snatch ladder at 145 lb., with most moving easily through the first row of bars. Jerry Hill of CrossFit Oldtown said the experience on the snatch ladder was “fast and furious. Rip, rip and go!”

Gord Mackinnon, in the 50-54 Division, made the heavy weights look easy and added to his three-event winning streak by topping the Snatch Ladder with a lift of 200 lb.

The 45-49 men took to the competition floor last, with many getting stuck at 205 lb. Gene Lamonica was the lone man on the ladder at the end, nailing 205 and hitting 210, the heaviest weight to go overhead for the men.

After this short and sweet workout, the Masters return in the afternoon for a long chipper that includes deadlifts, pull-ups, box jumps and kettlebell swings.

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