August 19, 2015
Register Now for the CrossFit Team Series
By CrossFit
The Team Series begins September 8.
The Team Series begins September 8.


Registration has begun for the 2015 CrossFit Team Series!

What To Do

1. Go to and click “register now.”

2. Login using the same email address and password you used during the Open or Judges Course. This is your CrossFit ID. By using the same CrossFit ID, we can keep your competition history together and improve your experience on the site.

3. Pay to register your team. The team manager will pay the total cost, and it will be up to the manager to collect from their teammates as they see fit. Registration costs $80 for any team that isn’t sponsored. Sponsored teams pay $500.

4. Send email invites to teammates. This step is built into the registration process. Make sure your teammates know to check their inboxes, and click the link provided to complete their registration.

5. Compete! Workouts will be released Sept. 8 and Oct. 6. After the release of each set of team workouts, teams will have six days to get together, complete the work and submit their scores online.

Team Series Basics

  • Any two men and two women can form a team. Athletes don't have to be members of the same affiliate but they do have to complete the Team Series workouts together at the same location at the same time.
  • There will be three divisions: Open (all ages), Masters (40+) and Teenage (14-17). 
  • Each workout will come in two versions: prescribed (Rx'd) and scaled. Choosing to do one workout scaled will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed. One rep as prescribed will beat the highest scaled score. 
  • Each competition week spans six days, from Tuesday until the following Monday (at 5 p.m. PT). There will be two competition weeks (Sept. 8-14, Oct. 6-12).
  • Teams can complete the workouts at a participating affiliate or submit video of the workouts online.
  • The 2015 Team Series will be scored as a single competition. Points will be awarded based on placement in a workout—1 point for first place, 2 points for second place, and so on. The overall winner in each division will be the team that has accumulated the fewest points after all of the workouts have been completed.
  • $151,000 dollars is on the line. Earn a spot in the top 10 overall in the Open Division and your team will win up to $30,000 dollars.  
    1st - $30,000
    2nd - $25,000
    3rd - $20,000
    4th - $17,000
    5th - $14,000
    6th - $11,000
    7th - $10,000
    8th - $9,000
    9th - $8,000
    10th - $7,000
  • We recommend all teams video record their performances of the Team Series workouts. All sponsored teams must have their workouts validated by video submission, and any team that lands in the top 10 overall must provide video in order to claim their prize money.
  • There will be filters! See where your team stands in relation to your peers by using filters. There will be two filters on the Open Leaderboard: Pro and Elite.

    Pro = Any team with a 2015 Games individual competitor.

    Elite = Any team with a 2015 Games team competitor, or 2015 regional individual competitor.

    Uncheck the Pro box, and all Pro teams will disappear from the leaderboard. Do the same for Elites, and the field will be further cut to teams with athletes who did not advance beyond the first stage of last year's Games season. 

    There will be three filters on the Masters Leaderboard: 40s, 50s and 60s.

    40s = The youngest teammate is in their 40s.

    50s = The youngest teammate is in their 50s.

    60s = The youngest teammate is in their 60s.

    So a team with four athletes in their 40s will be on the 40s filter, and so too will a team with three 60-year-olds and one 40-year-old.

Read the Rulebook to learn more.


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