May 26, 2012
Regional Report: North East Sprints to the Finish
By Keka Schermerhorn

Tyminski, Davis take Event 3, CrossFit New England set a new world record.

Day 2 started out muggy and cloudy, but there was plenty of color in Event 3. 

The heavy snatches in Event 3 were in Scott Paltos’ wheelhouse, resulting in him finishing Heat 1 almost 2 minutes ahead of the pack. Paltos moved the weight effortlessly, took a nice jog up and down the field and stuck around to cheer on Daniel Hayden, who was getting bogged down by the weight in his second round.
It wasn’t until Heat 4 that his time was bested by Daniel Tyminski, who played catch-up with Spencer Hendel for the first two rounds. Tyminski was able to edge out Hendel in the last 3 reps and took off on a sprint, beating Hendel by about 5 seconds.
“My strategy was to take it slow. I didn’t want to come out too hard and not be able to hold it. Day 1 was not so good and I needed to make up some ground,” Tyminski says. “I really like Event 4 and am ready to go all out.”
Top three men overall after Event 3 are Tyminski, David Charbonneau and Eric Magee.
Jenny Davis was calm and collected through Event 3, methodical and steady on the snatches, followed by hard sprints.
Davis came into the event in 3rd place and says she knew it was her event to win.
“I knew I could be strong in the snatch,” Davis says. “I hadn’t done the full workout, but felt like I could move really well through it. It really helped being aware of where the other competitors were in my heat. The announcer was counting down everyone’s reps and it allowed me to relax a little in the third round.”
True to the CrossFit community spirit, Jennifer Hunter-Marshall got some extra help from the crowd and every fellow competitor in her heat as she finished her final few dumbbell snatches and set out for her last sprint with 4 seconds left on the clock.
Top three women overall after Event 3 are Alicia Gomes, Davis and Jessa Lemoine.
With only two athletes per team participating in this workout, accountability was of utmost importance, as was the female athletes’ abilities to give it all they had in their sprint to the finish.
Heat 2 saw a race between CrossFit Long Island and CrossFit Hybrid. The teams were side by side in their lanes and wearing similar black-and-red workout gear. In the end, CrossFit Long Island edged out CrossFit Hybrid on the last 2 reps of the female snatches and a hard sprint to the finish line.
Heat 3 was the battle of the greats with CrossFit Milford and CrossFit New England gunning for the world record. CFNE secured the world record by edging out CrossFit Milford in the last 5 reps of the snatches and sprinting to the finish in 4:32.
CFNE’s Ben Bergeron says he hopes to hold on to that lead.
“The world record is a confidence builder,” he says. “The goal of the weekend is to get to California and this definitely helps us going into Event 4.”
Top 3 teams overall after Event 3 are CFNE, CrossFit Milford and CrossFit Southie.