May 4, 2012
Regional Report: Day One Done and Dusted
By Jennifer Tan

Heat. Handstand push-ups. Hang cleans.

What a start guys. Heat. Handstand push-ups. Hang cleans. These were the hot topics on everyone’s lips here in Seoul on the first day of the Asia Regional. Despite the unexpected hot weather the athletes fought their way through the Nasty Girl Diane followed by a great test of endurance, skills and strength.

The handstand push-ups in the first individual and team event were, by far, the most debated item on today’s agenda. Both men and women struggled to punch the reps out after the heavy deadlifts, not to mention the occasional tangling of legs between athletes on the Rogue pull-up station. Athletes found the unusual structure a challenge to stay up against, particularly the more petite athletes.

By lunch time the heat was glaring, just in time for a 2k row. The crowd picked up on the nerves surrounding the heavy cleans and became an unwavering cheer of motivation throughout.

Event 1

  1. Shogun CrossFit (7:07)
  2. Reebok CrossFit Asia (7:53)
  3. Chikara CrossFit (122 reps)

Event 2

  1. Reebok CrossFit Asia (10 reps left)
  2. Shogun CrossFit (27 reps left)
  3. Chikara CrossFit (70 reps left)

Overall Standings (Day 1)

  1. Reebok CrossFit Asia (1T)
  2. Shogun CrossFit (1T)
  3. Chikara CrossFit (3)

The Asian teams put on a fantastic show of heart during Event 2, though unfortunately none managed to complete the workout. Both Chikara and Shogun had issues with the hang cleans, while Reebok CrossFit Asia steamed ahead. With only 10 reps to go, time was called, much to the disappointment of Reebok CrossFit Asia and its fans.


Event 1
Christen Wagner (4:01)
Candice Howe (4:47)
Feng Yi Chew (4:52)

Event 2
Feng Yi Chew (13:36)
Candice Howe (15:32)
Christen Wagner (16:05)

Overall Standings (Day 1)
Feng Yi Chew (1T)
Christen Wagner (1T)
Candice Howe (3)

The individual women’s second event witnessed a real range of capabilities with the movements demanded of them in Event 2. Song Hee Jung left the crowd gasping in shock with her speedy pistols, but the hang cleans got in her way of finishing. The second heat saw a steady pace from the athletes, but Feng Yi Chew smoothly sailed into the lead after what seemed like a deliberately slower-than-capable row: “I didn’t want to use my arms too much during the row because of the heavy hang cleans that were waiting for me,” she says.

Chew's strategy worked and she even surprised herself, finishing at 13:36, and putting herself on a par alongside the likes of Emily Beers and Talayna Fortunato.

Event 1
Young-Jun Kim (2:20)
KH Lee (2:28)
Charles Winship (2:37)

Event 2
Daniel Hershey (14:47)
Joseph Rank (14:54)
Brice Collier (16:28)

Overall Standings (Day 1)
Daniel Hershey
KH Lee
Young-Jun Kim

Heat 1 of the men’s second event saw Jason Tan from Malaysia spring a surprise on the crowd. After having struggled desperately to get his handstand push-ups down in the first event, he steamed through the row and pistols and now finds himself positioned 22nd – another dark horse who coincidentally was joint 59th post-Open with Charles Winship. Vijay Raj put on a show for the crowd with his hang cleans, with every ounce of heart and soul being put into each rep. “I’m just so happy I got through to tomorrow -- I was worried about the weight,” he says.

The final men’s heat brought Day 1 to a show-stopping close. After watching countless athletes struggle to get under the bar, Dan Hershey, Joseph Rank and Brice Collier started stringing the cleans together much to the awe and screams of the tired but ever-enthusiastic audience.

The first day is over, and those who made it through to tomorrow are on their way back to their hotels to stretch, bathe, eat and sleep.