October 12, 2016
Reebok Reunited Wins 2016 Team Series
By CrossFit
For the third year running, Reebok Reunited has won the CrossFit Team Series.
For the third year running, Reebok Reunited has won the CrossFit Team Series.

It has been a little more than a week since the close of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series, and the dust has settled on the official leaderboard. After some shifting at the top, Reebok Reunited has come out victorious for the third year in a row.

Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, Scott Panchik and Stacie Tovar make up the super team that took the Team Series championship in 2014. In 2015, Bridgers, Smith and Tovar took home the gold with Paul Tremblay in Panchik’s place. Back then, the team was called Team Reebok Classics.

At the close of score submissions, Rogue Red sat atop the leaderboard and it appeared Reebok Reunited had been unseated. But after CrossFit HQ’s review process, several penalties were assessed to various teams and Reebok Reunited was determined the overall winner.

In Week 2, Reebok Reunited logged two fifth-place finishes, a third-, and a seventh-place finish to land themselves on top. Across the eight events of the Team Series, the team finished outside the top five only once—Event 8.

Week 2's events proved to be a bit more of a challenge than Week 1 for the winning team, but they were nonetheless able to hang onto the lead.

Event 5 was all about transitions. The workout consisted of wall-ball shots, partner deadlifts and handstand push-ups. Reebok Reunited finished with a time of 10:23 for fifth overall in the event. Watch their performance below. 

The team recorded 262 muscle-ups in Event 6, but like several other teams, they received a penalty on the event. Watch the team complete Event 6 below.

In Event 7, Reebok Reunited logged 558 reps of clean and jerks and synchronized toes-to-bars. The 20-minute AMRAP required male/female pairs to work together, alternating rounds with the other male/female pair. Utilizing the cohesiveness of their team, Bridgers and Smith, and Panchik and Tovar were well matched. Watch Event 7 below.

In the team’s worst finish of the week—and the Series—Reebok Reunited recorded 1,444 reps on Event 8. The first-ever repeat Team Series workout was all engine, calling for double-unders and lightweight snatches. Reebok Reunited took seventh overall.

Reebok Reunited will receive US$30,000 for its efforts. 

In second sits Rogue Red. The team of two former Games champions and two Games vets will receive US$25,000. 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, and 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg were joined by 2015 California Regional winner Dan Bailey, and four-time Games athlete Margaux Alvarez on the team that almost gave Reebok Reunited a run for their money. 

Moving from fifth to third in Week 2 are the FitAid Misfits—Alexis Johnson, Jordan Cook, Kari Pearce and Travis Williams. The team will be awarded US$20,000.

A cash prize will be awarded to the top 15 teams in 2016. All scores are subject to change at the discretion of CrossFit HQ.

1st   $30,000 Reebok Reunited
2nd  $25,000 Rogue Red
3rd   $20,00 FitAID Misfits
4th   $15,000 The Bell Province
5th   $12,000 Team Kill Cliff
6th   $10,000 Rogue Fitness Black
7th   $8,000 Team Rogue Unicorns
8th   $7,000 Cool Whip and a Chocolate Chip
9th   $6,000 Team Reebok CrossFit One
10th  $5,000 Jersey Shore’s Finest
11th  $4,000 CompWOD*
12th  $3,000 CFQC-CFL*
13th  $2,500 EVERNOX*
14th  $2,000 Delaware’s Fittest*
15th  $1,500 ArchStars*

*Pending additional video review