July 23, 2013
Recovered: Ashleigh Moe
By Tarynn Swobody

"I didn't want an injury to take me out."

After recovering from an injury that kept her out of competition in 2012, Ashleigh Moe is on her way to the Carson, Calif., for the third time. Moe earned her trip by placing second at the North West Regional competition, anchored by a second-place finish in Event 5 and winning Event 6.

While the ankle injury did put things on hold for Moe, it did not stop her love of CrossFit and competing. Rehabilitating her injury over the last year was not easy, however she took steps to get herself back in line for the Games.

“At first it was super frustrating. I have never had an injury that sidelined me that long,” she says. “It was definitely hard to watch the 2012 Regionals, but I also think it lit a fire in me to want to make it back to the Games. I didn't want an injury to take me out.”

Training for Regionals and now the Games had to be much more focused since coming back from a devastating posterior tendon dislocation injury. Moe’s coach, CJ Martin, witnessed the injury and was able to follow her in while in recovery.

“I definitely eased back into it,” Moe says. “I really never stopped training. I just worked out with the boot for a while and then started testing movements that would put pressure on it.”

Preparation for the Games is more than just daily training for Moe. By day, she’s a fifth grade teacher at Centennial Elementary in Mount Vernon, Wash. Her dedication to her training and her teaching require her to be strict in all aspects of her life by delegating enough time and effort to each.

“Well, it is definitely a balancing act. I typically have to do all my planning for the week on Sundays because of my training schedule,” she says.

Incorporating CrossFit techniques and values into the classroom has separated Moe from the rest of her colleagues.

“I integrate CrossFit into all activities. I feel like a lot of activities are done with a timer or after they finish specific tasks they have to do so many burpees or push-ups to show they are done. I have even had them practice efficient breathing techniques during reading fluency while they ‘paced’ my reading speed. The kids love it! They love watching (my) videos, too!”

While Moe has competed at the Games in years past, she says this trip feels completely different. Her nerves and excitement are as great as they were the first year she competed.

“I feel incredibly excited and definitely nervous about this trip. It's always a little nerve racking not knowing what they will throw out,” Moe says.

With a fiercer competition than ever before, Moe committed to being prepared this year. Her programing was updated to help train her weaknesses. When she was doing her own programming, that was not her focus.

Excelling for Moe is being prepared for anything, including any possible surprise endurance workouts. Despite her year away and the progression of the competition, she has set some lofty goals for herself.

“I would love to make top 15.”