July 25, 2013
By CrossFit
The fittest over 40 take on Oly lifting on Day 3.  
The fittest over 40 take on Oly lifting on Day 3.  

The fittest over 40 take on Oly lifting on Day 3.

Ten CrossFit Games champions will be crowned today as the Masters divisions wrap competition after two final events.

With two days of competition and four events complete, the Masters field narrowed from 20 to 12 athletes in each of 10 divisions ranging from 40 to 60 and beyond.

The first test of the last day: five minutes to establish a one-rep-max clean and jerk.


It’s what everyone hopes for: a PR on competition day. Lidia Beer, competing in the Masters 55-59 Division, was so overcome by her 130-lb. clean-and-jerk PR that she celebrated by jumping into her judge’s arms, wrapping her arms and legs around him while he smiled.

The oldest competitors started the day, and as the ages of the competitors went down, the weights went up, with several athletes jerking loads overhead that would put many 20-year-olds to shame.

In the 45-49 Division, Lisa Mikkelsen showed her experience by taking long breaks between each lift, sipping water and chatting with her judge. She finished off with a successful 165-lb. clean and jerk, which tied her for fifth in the event. The top lift in the age group was Kim Holway, who clean-and-jerked 180 lb.

Although Amanda Allen and Becky Conzelman have been dominating the 40-44 Division, Jolaine Bloom took a top spot as was one of three who tied for first at 190 lb, along with Conzelman and Merril Mullis.

“I tried 195 lb. twice and failed,” Bloom said. “I got the clean, but I just couldn’t lock out that last little bit on the jerk.”

She said it’s helped her having two other women from Canada West in the top 12 with her—Nancy McKeage and Jen Dober. All three women admit they are feeling some Canadian pride.

Bloom is in third going to the last event, just one point ahead of fourth.

“I’m looking forward to the rope climbs, but running isn’t my best and there are going to be little gazelles out there bouncing around like little bunny rabbits,” she said. 


David Hippensteel’s 215-lb. clean and jerk was 10 lb. off his PR, but it was enough for a first-place tie in the 55-59 Division.

“I only have a few reps in me,” the 57-year-old said. “I knew that about myself.”

After a successful attempt at 215, he went for 225.

“I didn’t want to wait any longer,” he said.

Despite failing at his PR weight, Hippensteel said the event gave him a needed boost of confidence.

“Yesterday, I went into the last event in 13th place,” he added. “After yesterday, I felt like I don’t even belong here.”

But today he proved he did. Hippensteel sat in fourth place overall in his division after the clean-and-jerk event.

Athletes employed a variety of techniques in this event—some catching the clean in a deep front squat and using a split jerk to get the weight overhead. Then there was Ron Ortiz. Opening with 265-lb., Ortiz deadlifted the weight to a high hang position, then power-cleaned it.

Ortiz made it all the way up to 290 lb.—cleaned from the hang—and won the event in the 45-49 Division.

The 47-year-old took only three attempts and ended up 15 lb. under his PR, which also is from the hang.

“I just wanted to get to where I needed to,” said the 6-foot-3, 220-lb. athlete.

Kris Brown, one of his coaches, was elated.

“Slammed it, slammed it!” he shouted as he gave Ortiz a bro handshake.

The athlete now is focused on the final event of the competition.

“Last event, I gotta go for broke,” Ortiz said.

To that his coach replied, “He’s got his head right now.”

At press time, the final Masters event was already underway.


60+ Division
Event winner: Sharon Lapkoff and Andrea Woodyatt (Tie—120 lb.)
Overall leader: Sharon Lapkoff

55-59 Division
Event winner: Lisa Long (140 lb.)
Overall leader Gabriele Schlicht

50-54 Division
Event winner: Litsa Olsson (165 lb.)
Overall leader: Colleen Fahey

45-49 Division
Event winner: Kim Holway (180 lb.)
Overall leader: Lisa Mikkelsen

40-44 Division
Event winner: Becky Conzelman, Jolaine Bloom and Merrill Mullis (Tie—190 lb.)
Overall leader: Amanda Allen


60+ Division
Event winner: Scott Olson (205 lb.)
Overall leader: Scott Olson

55-59 Division
Event winner: Jon Hults and David Hippensteel (Tie—215 lb.)
Overall leader: Hilmar Hardarson

50-54 Division
Event winner: Craig Howard (250 lb.)
Overall leader: Will Powell

45-49 Division
Event winner: Ron Ortiz (290 lb.)
Overall leader: Gene LaMonica

40-44 Division
Event winner: Matt Swift (295 lb.)
Overall leader: Michael Moseley

For complete standings and all scores from all divisions, visit the Leaderboard.