March 16, 2012
Pushing Each Other: Pastorek and Rasmusen
By Brittany Jansen

"We both know how important it is to have someone there to push you."

Brandon Pastorek

Pete Rasmusen

It was a match made in CrossFit heaven. They met at the beer tent at the CrossFit Games in Aromas, Calif., in 2009. Brandon Pastorek was an individual competitor at the time, while Pete Rasmusen was there to participate in the team competition. 

“We just got to talking, and we found that, despite there being distance between us, it wasn’t too far away that we couldn’t get together to WOD from time to time,” Rasmusen says.

So the pair kept in touch and decided to meet occasionally throughout the years, to compete informally at their respective boxes and to test the boundaries in their individual training. 

A lot has happened since that initial meeting in 2009. Pastorek competed in the 2010 Games as member of the 9th place finishing team and finished 1st at last year’s North Regional Competition and 21st as an individual competitor in 2011 Games. 

Rasmusen won the 2010 Midwestern Sectional and then finished 19th at the North Central Regional that same year as an individual competitor; he also competed as a part of a team with CrossFit Carbon at the 2011 North Central Regional. Both men have also made the transition from athlete to coach and box owner. Pastorek opened CrossFit VisOne, Cherry Valley, Ill., and Rasmusen opened CrossFit Carbon in Vernon Hills, Ill. 

Despite their busy training and coaching schedules, the two have remained in contact, still making it a priority to workout together on a monthly basis. However, it was up until recently that Pastorek and Rasmusen decided to take the competition to the next level and complete the 2012 Open Workouts together when their schedules allow.

“We both know how important it is to have someone there to push you,” Pastorek says, “and Pete pushes me to be better… [He] is very smart, trains hard and I just know that anytime Pete is in the room, [I] better bring it.”

Rasmusen echoed Pastorek’s sentiments. “Brandon’s athleticism is apparent and having him there turns a normal WOD into a competition. It’s a good time and working out with him pushes the barriers in my training.”

The pair has already tackled 12.2, with Pastorek finishing with 90 reps and Rasmusen with 83, and 12.3 together. Pastorek missed 13 full rounds by a mere two reps, while Rasmusen finished close behind with 12 rounds, 15 box jumps, and 12 push presses.  

Pastorek maintains his current 1st place standing in the North Central Region and pushed Rasmusen into 6th place.