January 11, 2012
The Perfect Storm: Andy Lewis
By CrossFit


Andy Lewis considered this year to be an off year due to a recent move. But after earning 3rd place at the South Central Regional, he’s going to the Games. 

“I was more than surprised because I did not think that the perfect storm could have happened that weekend,” Lewis said. “It was as if the stars aligned and everything worked our perfectly.”

This athlete has trained with some hardcore CrossFitters around South Central to achieve this feat. “Once I started college at the University of Texas in Austin, I needed something to feed my competitive side,” Lewis said. “Fortunately, a friend introduced me to CrossFit before my sophomore year. After my first workout, which was ‘Fran,’ I was hooked. Afterward, I interned with CrossFit Central in Austin and became a coach after receiving my Level 1 certification.” 

Lewis said the decision to compete came from being surrounded by the talent that makes upCrossFit Central. “At the time, I knew that with a couple of years under my belt, I could become a CrossFit athlete. Competing against the likes of Jeremy Thiel, Lance CantuCarey Kepler, Michael Gregory, Jessica Sharratt, and Jen Cardella, I knew I had what it took to make it. I just wasn’t there yet.” 

He spent two years on the CrossFit Central team and felt he had developed the necessary experience and skills to make it to the Games. He was right. 

After graduating in May 2010, Lewis moved to Dallas, where he joined CrossFit Dallas Central. Shortly after, he moved from Dallas to Houston where he joined Bayou City CrossFit,Games veteran Vic Zachary’s affiliate.  Lewis said each one of these gyms has played a role in his journey to the Games and his support system is very important to him. “CrossFit Central was my first CrossFit family and, so far, the longest. This is where I learned most of what I know about competing, community, and the mental dexterity necessary to push day in and day out.

“While in Dallas, I trained with CrossFit Dallas Central. Spencer Nix and Chase Ingraham, as well as many other members, welcomed me into their domain – no questions asked. They are an amazing crew,” Lewis said. “Once I moved to Bayou City CrossFit with Vic Zachary, I knew I had found something amazing. The gym contains an amazing community, great coaches, and the No. 1 South Central Regional team to boot.” 

Training for Lewis consists of working six days a week, with five of those days being CrossFit. He spends about 90 minutes in the gym and does all his own programming. “I rotate between several stacked short time domain WOD days and longer, heavier workout days,” he said. “I have the strength and skill necessary for the Games. I am now focusing on the mental portion.”

Lewis said the trio of CrossFit families has molded and helped him get to where he is now. He has appreciated the support and motivation each one has given him. “An enormous amount of sweat shed, memories created, and friendships made have helped me,” he said. “I’m grateful for everyone.”