Open Workout 13.2 Announced

March 14, 2013


Open Workout 13.2 has been announced live from Brooklyn.



Last week, in Open Workout 13.1, CrossFitters around the world had to complete as many burpees and snatches as they could in 17 minutes. 

In the end, there were 9,062,858 burpees and 5,701,658 snatches performed, for a total of 14,764,516 reps. And that's just among submitted results!

Now, Workout 13.2 has just been announced by Dave Castro from CrossFit South Brooklyn in New York with Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Valenzuela ready to go head-to-head. 

This is a classic CrossFit triplet of shoulder to overhead, deadlifts and box jumps. The weights and time cap are moderate, so this workout is more about pure work capacity and pushing through the discomfort than strength or technical prowess. We've seen similar events in previous years, particularly 12.3 and 11.2.

Remember, each week is scored based on submitted results, and then the overall Leaderboard is scored based on the cumulative total of each athlete's placing in all the workouts. This is relative scoring, which means you're ranked relative to all the other competitors in your division. This is unchanged from previous years.

It's time. 13.2 has begun. If you're submitting your own video, be sure to watch this standards video. Click here to review the workout description, standards, PDF and scoresheet. Good luck!