March 8, 2012
Open Workout 12.3 Announced
By CrossFit

Get ready for 18 minutes of box jumps, push presses, and toes-to-bar for Workout 12.3. 

The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.3 has been announced.

Last week, athletes from around the world collectively snatched more than 261 million pounds – just over 3 million reps. This week, it’s an 18-minute high volume test of stamina and endurance with box jumps, push press, and toes-to-bar.

You must submit your score by 5 p.m., PT on Sunday. No exceptions will be made, under any circumstance. Please note that Pacific Standard Time changes to Pacific Daylight Time on Sunday at 2 a.m. This means the workout closes at 12 a.m., GMT on Monday instead of 1 a.m., GMT on Monday.

All affiliates must validate their athletes’ scores by 5 p.m., PT on Tuesday. No exceptions. If you do not validate, your athletes’ scores will not count. Again, note that 5 p.m., PT on Tuesday will be GMT-7, not GMT-8 as it has been thus far in the competition.

Workout 12.3 and all other workouts can be found here.