February 28, 2012
The Open and Beyond With CrossFit Future
By Cindy Young

"We want to ensure that we, as a training staff, enable our athletes every chance we can to be a part of this year's events."

CrossFit Future members rowing.

With less than a year under their CrossFit belt, CrossFit Future sits 10th amongst the Central East’s team competition. Clearly their rookie status does not mean they are lacking in talent or heart. In fact, a community within a community resides in CrossFit Future.

One community enlists CrossFit to save their lives and compete. Another community CrossFits to save the lives of others. Amongst our military, law enforcement, and firefighters and EMTs, exists a community preparing for the Open all the same. A community like CrossFit Future.

Owner and Trainer Mark Dankow explains that CrossFit Future exists today for three main reasons: “To spread the healthy lifestyle experience of CrossFit to our friends, neighbors, and our community, while surviving extreme situations; raise our children in an environment of health & wellness; and deliver exemplary customer service for our athletes so that they can learn, improve and have a great day.”

CrossFit Future was founded by local firefighters, collegiate athletes, and former Olympic athletes. Their hope is to ensure local heroes are given the spotlight they deserve. Every morning at 10 a.m. you will find the firefighters who are duty at CrossFit Future on the workout floor, getting stronger as a team for their community, their families, and for themselves, and the 2012 CrossFit Games season.


Although CrossFit Future is young, it plans to stand ground as the 2012 season starts. CrossFit Future has put together a team for the Open along with a few athletes who are going for individual. Getting the entire box involved in the Open is important to the trainers. Trainer and owner Shawn Stauffer has put together a training routine for the entire box that will prepare them for whatever may has come inside or outside of the gym.

“We train hard for three days then a rest day,” Stauffer says. “I am a firm believer in working weakness. I program what I call ‘Weakness WODs’ because working on what you’re great at isn’t going to go the distance.” 

The staff at CrossFit Future does not just want their athletes to perform; they want them to improve. Focus is alive and thriving at CrossFit Future. They are armed with knowledge, a dedicated staff, and a community who recognizes heroes for what they are -- indispensable. “This is what CrossFit Future is all about, the unspoken bond that is found within firefighting and really within the CrossFit community,” Dankow says.

Going into the 2012 Open season, CrossFit Future has incorporated the “Last Chance WOD” during the Open. On Sundays from 2-6 p.m., CrossFit Future will provide athletes with the chance to get judged and have their scores validated. Dankow explains, “We want to ensure that we as a training staff enable our athletes every chance we can to be a part of this year's events.”