March 1, 2013
One Point to Go: Jeff Larsh
By Kate Rose

"It's going to be a fun couple of months, and I cannot wait to see what HQ has cooked up for both the Open and Regionals."

In 2012, Jeff Larsh finished third at the Canada East Regional. Tied for points with Matt Lefave, and missing the Games on a tiebreaker, Larsh was spurred into action and started training for 2013 less than 48 hours later.

But his gym, Tidal CrossFit, began to grow rapidly at the same time.

“We have moved locations, doubling our size and opened a second sister gym,” he says. 

Juggling his affiliate and coaching compromised his own training in the offseason.

Now, Larsh is ramping up his training for 2013, along with business partner and Canada East competitor, Maguid Nicholas.

“The focus is shifting from work to play so that both myself and Nicholas can put (in) the time needed to make a run at this year's Regionals,” he says. “It’s going to be a fun couple of months, and I cannot wait to see what HQ has cooked up for both the Open and Regionals.

He adds: “The sport is evolving so fast, I cannot even hazard a guess as to the level of competition that is going to be at Regionals this summer. The biggest goal for me going into the 2013 competitive season is to compete at a higher level than last year.”

Larsh favors heavy lifting, but knows he has to work on other elements to remain competitive.

“I am a big fan of lifting and enjoy that aspect of training, so I find it easy to stay on top of that side of my game,” he explains. “So, with the Open just around the corner, a heavy emphasis on met-con is in order.”

Larsh is training with the assumption that Open workouts will feature more bodyweight movements than heavy lifting.

“The biggest thing that will change this year from last, is I will be training a lot harder for the beginning of the Open … I have to put an extra emphasis on taking my conditioning to the next level,” he says. “All I am looking to do is be stronger and (in) better condition than I was last year, give everything I have in each WOD and hope for a good result.”