April 2, 2012
North East Open Recap
By Will Lanier

The 2012 CrossFit Games Open has come to an end. For many, it’s the end of the road. For others it’s the first hurdle on the journey to the CrossFit Games.

The Leaderboards include names we know, some we don’t, and a few surprises. But to the everyday athlete — what did this year's Open mean?

Let’s take a look back, reflect and highlight some of the ups and downs, some groundbreaking performances and the Regional qualifying athletes.


One story on the Men’s Individual Leaderboard is that of Matt Simonton, former NFL athlete and 2012 Games hopeful. The top athlete in Weeks 1 and 2 submitted his video for Workout 12.3 showing a score of more than 12 rounds. However, his push presses were out of the vertical plane rather than directly over his heels.

Consequently, CrossFit HQ judges adjusted his score by removing all of the push press reps taking the top athlete on the Leaderboard down to 525th place for 12.3 and 95th in the North East. After completing in the top percentile again in 12.4 and 12.5, Simonton was unable to reach the top 60 by a mere six places.

Coming in right under the radar, dark horse Gary Jones takes 59th place in the Open, securing his ticket to Regionals. Although a veteran of sport, Jones has come out of nowhere to make his name known in the Sport of Fitness.

The Men’s Individual Leaderboard is peppered with household names — Mike McKenna is still on top, followed by Games competitor Daniel Tyminski, and 2011 North East Regional 4th place finisher David Charbonneau.


The Women’s Individual Leaderboard reads similar to 2011 with a rehash of athletes like Jenny Davis, Jennifer Hunter-Marshall, Alicia Gomes, Stacey Kroon, Mel Ockerby and Kelly Steadman.

These athletes have clearly made gains from last year and remain on top going into the Regional competition. However, one name quickly rose to the top of the Leaderboard and surprised everyone—including the athlete to whom it belongs—Kaleena Ladeairous.

During the 2011 Regional competition, Ladeairous was unable to complete a muscle-up and received a DNF for Amanda. This year, during 12.4, she scored 255 — 15 muscle-up reps. She goes into the Regional competition at 3rd overall in the North East — well within the grasp of a ticket to the Games.

And then, there’s an athletes name that appears well down the Leaderboard as she was unable to complete one rep in 12.3. However, this elite athlete finished 8th in the world at the 2010 CrossFit Games, helped her affiliate team qualify for the 2011 CrossFit Games team competition and is the co-owner of CrossFit New England with her husband Ben Bergeron.

So why would this amazing athlete be unable to complete one single box jump? She is competing while six months pregnant. Heather Bergeron muscled through nearly all of the Open workouts — baby in tow. Modifications were made to accommodate her future Games athlete as she completed 70 burpees in 12.1, 79 snatches in 12.2, got through Karen and 90 double-uners in 12.4 and completed more than 12 rounds of the Fran ladder in 12.5.

Making up the top of the 2012 Women’s Individual Leaderboard, however, is Jenny Davis, Emily Friedman, and Kaleena Ladeairous.


With only a few short days left to declare their teams, many affiliates and athletes are facing a big decision as to compete for the Affiliate Cup or Fittest on Earth.

The 2011 Affiliate Cup winners from CrossFit New England are well on their way to a replay of last year. They’re going into Regionals currently in 2nd place and will no doubt make a strong showing. Other teams from the 2011 Games – CrossFit Fenway and CrossFit Route 1 – didn’t make a top 10 showing but are no doubt waiting in the wings until its time to attach the workouts Memorial Day Weekend in Canton, Mass.

Placing 8th in the 2011 Regional competition, current leaders, Shoreline CrossFit, won’t go down without a fight.


This year—the CrossFit Games Open saw more Masters athletes compete than ever before with athletes from the North East dominating many of the 8 total Leaderboards spreading from 45 to 60+.

A name synonymous with CrossFit, Jacinto Bonilla, qualifies for the Games again at age 72, along with top competitor Marlene Garceau in the 60+ Division.

Amy Mandelbaum and Lisa Mikkelsen were neck-and-neck throughout this year’s Open and will both be forces to reckon with in California in the 45-49 Division.

Games athlete in 2011, Bubba Hagood, finished 4 spots away from a ticket to the Games this year. A solid showing throughout the past five weeks, but CrossFit gets more competitive each year.


As we transition from the Open to Regionals, it’s important to know that we are all a part of history in the making. CrossFit as a sport has more support than ever before, but it would never strive without the community surrounding each and every affiliate gym and athlete. If you want to volunteer at this year’s regional competition, click here. To purchase your tickets to the competition, click here.