April 3, 2013
No Myth: Fraser Valley Centaurs
By Quin McConnell

"We have been together for well over a year now and we are a family."

Landscape photo by Julie Beveridge

The Centaurs are hungry for more.

After finishing second at the 2012 Canada West Regional, the CrossFit Fraser Valley Centaurs were stunned — but ecstatic — that they were on their way to Carson, Calif., and the world stage.

“It was pretty surreal,” Nate Beveridge, co-owner and coach, says.

From the sea of red shirts and hoodies flooding the bleachers at the Richmond Oval, the support of their gym community was evident. It didn’t end there: CrossFit Fraser Valley held several fundraisers to help the team go to the Games.

That energy is only growing in 2013. With 83 people registered for the Open from Fraser Valley, owners, Beveridge and Robert Perovich, are at the head of a large family they have built up from scratch in less than two years.

The Centaur competitive team is stoking that fire, with three men in the region’s top 10.

Beveridge and Perovich are keeping the team on track by sticking to regular programming throughout the Open. The goal is to peak at Regionals, and then again at the Games.

“As the Open concludes, we will start to focus on team workouts, transitions, knowing each other’s facial expressions and knowing each person’s limit before they hit the wall,” Beveridge says.

“We have been together for well over a year now and we are a family. We are one unit and we work together with one goal in mind: success.”

This family bond is what Beveridge believes sets the Centaurs apart from the pack, and he is confident they will again have the chance to prove themselves on the world stage.

With their energy and hype from 2012 bleeding into 2013, the Centaurs are proving they are no myth.