March 7, 2012
No Hail Mary: Tyson Takasaki
By Josh Gross

"Your placing is only reflective of your personal effort."


A sentence rarely defines a man, yet one of the first things Tyson Takasaki ever said to me was, “It doesn`t matter who you go up against, your placing is only reflective of your personal effort.”

These are simple words that seem so obvious, but are easily lost in the throes of competitions like the Open, Regionals, and the Games.

Up against the best CrossFit has to offer, Takasaki is looking to build on his successes in 2011 and translate them into a 2012 Games berth. As a star wide receiver with the University of Manitoba Bisons, the 24-year-old stand out tasted success at the Games last year as part of CrossFit Taranis’ bronze medal team effort. Missing solo competition by only a single point, Takasaki was “crushed,” but “the crew at Taranis [was there] to rally me back to the competitive atmosphere again.”

By Takasaki’s own admission, he was not ready for some of the skills he faced in 2011, which included such movements as handstand push-ups and double-unders. He has placed an emphasis on body weight exercises this year in order to avoid a repeat of that disappointment. 

Having a football background, he also placed focus onto plyo movements and sprints to work on explosive power for his Olympic lifts. Running his own programming has allowed Takasaki to focus on his weaknesses, which has led to a new snatch PR (250 pounds) and a 2:16 “Fran.” Other PR’s that have been bettered since last year’s competition are a 300lb overhead squat, a 300lb clean and jerk, and completing Nancy in 11:10.

Competing as an unaffiliated athlete this year is a big change from his experiences at CrossFit Taranis, but he has been able to start working with CrossFit 204 in Winnipeg whom he joins for the Open Workouts. 

Working with CrossFit 204 during the Open has made the 2012 Games season a more enjoyable experience for Takasaki, simply due to the competitive nature and the fact that he doesn’t need to film himself anymore. 

“Last year I was one of those poor souls who had to film the majority of my open WODs,” he says. “It was tough as you really don`t get much of a competitive atmosphere working out with only a judge and a camera in your face. This year I have been jumping in with Mike’s crew at CrossFit 204 every Friday night where he hosts the WOD and I am very grateful for this.”