April 29, 2012
Newbies Make Up CrossFit Adrenaline
By Julie Brigham

Four team members are competing for the first time and one member began CrossFitting just a few days before the Open started. 

CrossFit Adrenaline of Cartersville, Ga., opened their doors about a year and a half ago, and now their team is sitting in 2nd place on the Leaderboard at the South East Regional with only one workout remaining. 

What makes their strong performances noteworthy is that four of the team members are competing for the first time, and one member, Austin Medford, began CrossFitting just a few days before the Open started.
Medford says his reason for joining a CrossFit was to compete in the Open. “I did a baseline workout with Clifton Bennett (CrossFit Adrenaline co-owner), but didn’t know all of the movements,” Medford says. “I didn’t realize there was going to be so many different things I would have to learn.” 
Teammate Chelsea Lowery describes Medford as a visual learner who picks up the movements quickly. “He learns stuff instantly,” Lowery says. “He had a 5-minute snatch lesson before the snatch WOD (12.2).”
Medford managed to score 80 reps for their team’s score in Open Workout 12.2.
The team says 12 members from their box signed up for the Open for fun and were excited they qualified for Regionals. Allison Bourdon says team workouts to prepare for Regionals were rare. “They were short and sweet,” she says. “We only worked out as a team three times.”
CrossFit Adrenaline couldn’t be happier with its 2nd place position after five workouts. They won two events this weekend: Event 1 with a time of 5:33 and Event 4 in 26:46. “We are really excited, but we’re not stopping here. It’s only up from here,” Lowery says.

Although the team has not been together long, putting their strengths together has been working in their favor. “The six of us together work better than any of us individually,” Lindsay Bourdon says.