March 27, 2012
A New Zealander in Asia: Cody Hunter
By CrossFit

Just before the third workout of the CrossFit Games Open was released, Cody Hunter's wife gave birth to their first son.


Just before the third workout of the CrossFit Games Open was released, Cody Hunter’s wife gave birth to their first son.

In fact, there was a lot going on for the 32-year-old New Zealander living in Asia. Not only is he a new father, but it’s his first year competing in the Open and he’s a new affiliate owner. He opened Reebok CrossFit Sentinel in Seoul, South Korea just eight weeks ago. “Mother and baby are doing fantastic and Maddox is already showing signs of being a great CrossFitter,” he says. “We haven't established his one-rep max squat yet but [it shouldn’t] be too far away.”

Despite the lack of rest, Hunter finished 284 reps on 12.3. “I gave it my best considering I had slept on a sofa for two nights and coffee and deli sandwiches was my diet leading up,” he says.

He credits his CrossFit family to help him with the transition. “Having the CrossFit community has made the experience so smooth and all have been extremely supportive of my wife and me,” he says. “Community and family are some of the reasons I love CrossFit.”

Hunter was first introduced to CrossFit two years ago. The former professional rugby player says it has given him the opportunity to compete again. “Being in Korea, there is very little opportunity to be involved in competition and sports and as an ex-rugby player, it really filled the void of competition and I am more excited about fitness than ever before,” he says.

Before he opened Reebok CrossFit Sentinel, he owned a small personal training studio where he did CrossFit and boot camps. Hunter now has more than 250 members – 19 of which are competing in the Open. “Since our affiliate is only about eight weeks old we have really just focused on getting our athletes familiar with all the movements and making sure they really have the technique aspects down,” he says. “The ones that felt confident to enter were encouraged to get involved.”

As for his own training, Hunter has been focusing his attention on weightlifting and follows three on, one off programming. He follows the zone diet with 25 blocks spread with five meals daily. However, every Sunday he has a cheat meal with his wife.

After finishing the Open 57th in the region, he now has his sights set on Regionals. “My goal [was] to make it to Regionals and get the chance to compete here on my home turf of Seoul, South Korea.”

Hunter says it’s time fitness take a new level in Asia. “We are all very excited for the Regionals and will do our best to make it an awesome occasion and show the world that Asia is here to compete,” he says. “The sport of fitness has definitely arrived and is very alive here in Seoul, South Korea.”