May 2, 2013
New Details for Regional Competitors
By CrossFit

Here are a few of the changes that will take place on the competition floor.

The grips above are allowed, as they simply protect the athlete's hands.


The grips above are not allowed because the dowels confer an advantage by augmenting the athlete's grip.


The grips above are not allowed because the straps confer an advantage by augmenting the athlete's grip.



The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Competitions are just 15 days away.

On May 17 to May 19, the fittest athletes and teams from the first four regions compete for a few precious spots to the Games. Everyone knows the programming changes every year, as does the athlete experience in several ways. Below are a few of the changes that will take place on the competition floor.

1. New lane assignments

Top athletes will now be assigned the middle lanes for all events. This will make it easier for fans to view the top contenders, instead of them being blocked from view because they are on the outer edge of the competition floor. Similar to competitive swimming, the top athlete in the heat will take the middle lane (Lane 6), the second-ranked athlete will be next to them (Lane 7), and the third ranked athlete will be on the other side (Lane 5). This pattern continues, with the lowest ranked athletes in the outermost lanes.

2. Grips will be permitted

Subject to approval by the head judges onsite, CrossFit will allow basic grips for hand protection. Basic grips (like the leather straps pictured to the left) must be non-tacky and used for protection, not advantage. Tape and gloves are still allowed, as long as they meet the same requirements.

Gymnastics grips with a dowel, lifting straps, or any device used to attach the athlete to their bar or equipment are not allowed.

3. Reps must be performed at specific locations

At numerous points throughout the competition, athletes will be required to perform their work at specific locations within their lane. Often, the location will be marked by large white numbers.

For example, if the workout was Fran, the athlete would have to do the 21 thrusters while standing on the large, white “21.” After the athlete finished 21 pull-ups, the athlete would then advance the barbell to the large white “15” to do the 15 thrusters, and so on.

The requirements will be simple, but mandatory. Detailed instruction will be included in the workout descriptions. It is the athlete’s responsibility to understand all instructions and perform their reps in the assigned locations. Judges will no rep an athlete who is not in the proper location, even if the movement is good. For example, a good thruster on the “21” during the set of 15s will not count.

4. Start and finish locations

All workouts will have designated start and finish locations. An athlete will start on a green mat marked with their lane number. That athlete will finish on a red mat with their lane number. After the completion of the last good rep, the clock will keep ticking until the athlete is on the finish mat.