"I love progressing and seeing how my training plays out in a competitive atmosphere." Nate Schrader placed second at the Mid Atlantic...

"I love progressing and seeing how my training plays out in a competitive atmosphere."


Nate Schrader placed second at the Mid Atlantic Regional this year. He finished first in the grueling Event 3 – dumbbell snatches and sprints. One place up from last year, Schrader exudes a quiet confidence. This attitude is likely to carry him to his goal of a spot on this year’s CrossFit Games podium.

Placing 14th at the 2011 Games and nearly qualifying in 2010, Schrader feels excited, well rested and ready for this year’s competition. “Rest is key,” Schrader says.

Just three months ago, Schrader and army buddy Rory Hanlin opened the doors of Iron Forged Athletics in downtown Fayetteville, N.C. The gym is enhanced by Schrader’s Special Forces background and client centered approach. Starting a gym has been no easy feat according to Schrader. “Fifteen-hour days were not uncommon at first,” he says.

Despite long work hours, Schrader managed to amp up his training schedule in preparation for the Games. Moving into the Open and Regionals, Schrader put in as many multi-hour training sessions as possible. Stretched thin by the demands of his new box, Schrader admits his training wasn’t always perfect.

Weeks before the Games, Schrader scaled back his training to one workout per day. He has already tested a few of the Games workouts and predicts that several will play to his advantage, particularly Saturday’s Clean Ladder.

Schrader’s approach to the Games is calm and focused. When asked about his pre-workout routine, he laughed and replied, “I’m not superstitious.”

Progenex post-workout, a healthy dose of GNC vitamins and as much sleep as possible is part of his routine. Schrader’s workouts are not strictly prescribed, but his attitude towards training definitely is. He constantly pushes the limits, no excuses.  

Schrader feels CrossFit has revived the competitive drive he had in high school. “I love progressing and seeing how my training plays out in a competitive atmosphere. Being able to compete with guys at that level is just amazing,” he says.

Going into the 2011 Games, Schrader planned to compete and then take a few months off and get back into sports. However, when he got to California, that plan changed completely. He says it was just too fun and he couldn’t give it up. This year has been filled with serious training and conditioning. Although he admits, what happens at the Games is out of his control, Schrader Is not going in unprepared.

Schrader has a few concerns. He is still recovering from an old shoulder injury. He hopes it won’t give him any trouble. He has also spent a lot of time improving weaknesses such as grip strength and is hoping this effort pays off.

Schrader’s plan for Carson is to “keep calm, and carry on.” “Sure, I get nervous, but I think my strength is that I stick to my game plan,” he says.