May 23, 2012
Mission to Carson: Apollo Lewis
By Christine Ford

"I would be super stoked to qualify for the Games. It would mean everything to my family, community and my gym."

Photos by: Sayeh Azarpay

At 5’10 and 185 pounds, 2nd in the Northwest and 72nd worldwide, it’s hard to believe Apollo Lewis considers himself still in his infancy stages with CrossFit. After recovering from knee surgery only two years ago, Lewis and his wife, Roselle Fryberg, discovered CrossFit Marysville and haven’t looked back since. 

His “aha moment” came after a typical CrossFit workout consisting of finding a three-rep max back squat followed by 100 burpees for time. “This showed me that CrossFit was about overall fitness and that has always been my goal. I like to be good at everything,” Lewis says.
Lewis obliterated Workout 12.3 in the Open with 12 rounds, 15 box jumps and 6 push presses (453 reps) securing a 2nd place finish in the North West and 47th worldwide. He held onto this spot for the rest of the Open. “Being able to compete against Ryan Swobody, DJ Neyens and Noah Pester definitely propelled me to a whole new level. I am a game day athlete. I thrive on the crowd and the competition,” he says. “I was very fortunate to join a gym with competitive athletes. Their experience and CrossFit knowledge helped me grow quickly. Working out with them fueled my competitive nature.”  
Lewis competed in the Open last year with only three months of CrossFit under his belt and ended up 93rd in the North West. The CrossFit Marysville team qualified for Regionals and Lewis and his wife both competed on the team. “We got to do the deadlift/box jump WOD together – it was a special moment,” he says.  
This was a great experience and motivated the couple to train harder and work to qualify as individuals the following year. And that they did. Fryberg ended up 59th place in the Open and qualified to compete at the North West Regional.
Together, Lewis and Fryberg opened their own affiliate, Tulalip Bay CrossFit. They started with their family and have grown to more than 40 members. “Everything I do is for my family, I want to be an example for them and for others. All three of my kids know how to burpee, air squat and do lunges because they are around the gym with my wife and I,” he says. “One of the cutest things ever is when they have their own burpee competitions.”
His coaching philosophy is to heal clients from the inside out. Teach nutrition first and reap the benefits eating well and CrossFitting, together.  
Married with three kids (ages two, four and six), a full-time job as a project manager for Tulalip Bay Construction, owner and coach of Tulalip Bay CrossFit, Lewis is a very busy man. Once life has settled down, he finds time to do his own training. 
Since the Open, Lewis has been following the Outlaw program. He does two doubles a week, takes the necessary rest days and follows a clean diet with the 90/10 rule. “I try to eat as clean as possible. Fish oil and food heals everything.” 
He trains mostly on his own, which at times can be lonely and challenging, he says.   
Lewis has sacrificed a lot to get where he is. “I would be super stoked to qualify for the Games. It would mean everything to my family, community and my gym,” he says. “It would mean that all the blood, sweat, tears and evenings I missed putting my kids to bed was worth it.“