May 18, 2013
The Missed Lift That Shocked the South East
By Jeremy Ridgeo

"I have no regrets. I should have done well and I didn't."

After a four-year run at the CrossFit Games, CrossFit East Decatur athlete and South East Region legend, Shana Alverson, will not make a fifth trip.

Alverson, like a number of competitors from around the world, was a DNF on Event 2, the Overhead Squat Complex

“I’ve hit 175 and heavier in training before and I expected to hit 180, so I could take a run at 185,” Alverson said. 

Needless to say, it was a huge surprise when she missed her first set at 175. Most, including Alverson, expected her to make it on the next attempt.

That was not the case.   

“I felt it in my legs, which is unusual,” she said. “Typically my overhead squat failure is a bar precision issue with the weight getting a little too forward or behind you when it comes down due to maximal load, becoming unmanageable without near perfection positions.”

Alverson was optimistic about the overhead squats, recalling it could be “an early chance for me to make up any lost ground.

“I knew the top women would be upwards of 175, and if I had started at 155, I would have four sets of heavy triples before ever reaching a competitive weight,” she said.

After several hours to reflect, Alverson says she’ll be OK.

“I have absolutely no regrets. I should have done well and I didn’t. I am now on an unplanned vacation and I am probably due for some relaxing after five years of competing, but I cannot completely rule out the possibility that the universe shifted causing me to miss those lifts,” she joked at the end of the day.