Media Coverage at the 2013 Regionals

May 3, 2013


Can’t make it to Regionals? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Can't make it to Regionals? We've got you covered.

Can’t make it to Regionals? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

From May 17 to June 9, the CrossFit Games site, Twitter handles and Facebook pages will be overflowing with all of the top stories.

As always, the CrossFit Games site will be home to everything about Regionals, from written reports to in-depth interviews, video highlights and selected top heats, photo galleries, analysis and more.

This year, the Update Show will host extensive competition coverage from each Regional. Watch the show to see what happened in the men’s, women’s and team competitions that day. The Update Show will be published on the CrossFit Games site before the start of the next day’s competition.

Every day, every Regional will have two written reports that cover what happened in the day's events. We will also be updating photo galleries throughout the weekend.

Live Coverage Each Sunday

Each Sunday, tune in for the special live broadcast of the Update Show. The final heat of women and the final heat of men will be streamed live from two Regionals each weekend. Sean, Pat, and Nicole will take you through summaries and highlights of all the action from the weekend with a special emphasis on the qualifying athletes from each region. Plus you’ll get to see the podium-deciding action live from the following regions:

Week 1: North East and SoCal (Show starts at 3 p.m. PT, May 19)
Week 2: South Central and NorCal (3 p.m. PT, May 26)
Week 3: North Central and South West (3 p.m. PT, June 2)
Week 4: Mid Atlantic and Central East (1 p.m. PT, June 9)

Additionally, Eurosport is airing a live 90-minute show of the final event from the Europe Regional on Sunday, May 19, starting at 7 p.m. CET.  The show will also be viewable online through the Eurosport player. The show will be broadcast in 20 languages in 59 countries.

Twitter and Facebook

To get the news fast, follow us on Twitter. In addition to @CrossFit and @The CrossFit Games, we have handles for each of the 17 regions. Search CFG and the start of your region’s name to find the official account, or check out the complete list below:

@CFGNorCalRegion, @CFGNorWestReg, @CFGNorCenRegion, @CFGNorEastReg, @CFGSoCalRegion, @CFGSouthWestReg, @CFGames South Central, @CFGSouthEastReg, @CFGMidAtlRegion, @CFGCenEastReg, @CFGCanWestReg, @CFGCanEastReg, @CFGEuropeReg, @CFGAustraliaReg, @CFGAfricaRegion, @CFGLatAmRegion, @CFGAsiaRegion.

On Twitter, you’ll find play-by-play, snapshots and the latest updates from the competition floor.

Like us on Facebook to get access to daily photo galleries, links to articles and videos, the best quotes, news stories and announcements from your Regional. To find your region’s Facebook page, search “CrossFit Games - _______ Regional,” or scroll through the pages that the CrossFit Games Facebook likes.

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