February 27, 2012
The Marshalls Compete Together
By Katherine Henry

The Scene: A Globo Gym
The Actors: Dennis Marshall and Jennifer Hunter (now Hunter-Marshall)
The Plot: A Love Story
First comes love—then comes CrossFit. Dennis and Jennifer found each other 10 years ago and four years later, found CrossFit. Dennis was the first of the duo to wander into the abyss and was hooked after his first workout. Not long after, he introduced Jennifer to the world of CrossFit. Now, they are the proud owners of CrossFit Garden City and top-notch competitors in the sport.
 “We work better together than apart" - Jennifer

They admit that CrossFit has made them better people. “Whenever you feel like a better person, you can give more to your relationship.” With the help of CrossFit they have built a strong bond, traveling on the same path — together. 
This CrossFit power couple has developed a very strong community at their box, CrossFit Garden City. They are steadily building a healthy and happy community.  According to Jennifer, in the year since opening the doors to CrossFit Garden City, they already need a bigger space.
As for their training, they do what their members do, following the gym’s programming, with extra work on their weaknesses. 
In 2011, Jennifer placed 5th in the North East Regional competition. Dennis decided not to compete, but instead, focus on opening their affiliate and coaching Jennifer along the way. 
In between their roles as box owners, coaches, and HQ seminar staff members, Jennifer and Dennis are training for the Games season too. This year, both are looking to compete. Jennifer is looking to “do the best she can,” hoping to make the Games. Dennis is looking to establish an affiliate team to bring to Regionals. He says, “with a team, you focus more on performance and strategy and it is just more fun.” 
Both Jennifer and Dennis competed in the Garage Games team competition with members of their gym. The pair is going to tackle the Open with their gym community first and see how things unfold.
After many years of experience with CrossFit and competitions, the mental aspect is the biggest focus for Dennis. “I have that competitive fire back,” Dennis says, after last year’s break focusing on opening the gym. Now that he’s been involved with CrossFit for six years, he says “what sets the competitors apart is the willingness to go places that otherwise wouldn’t go.”
Training and competing together is a source of strength for the couple. “I’m more comfortable with him there,” Jennifer says about competing. “We work better together than apart.” They inspire each other to push through. 
And Dennis puts it best: “Competing together is just fun!”