March 26, 2013
Looking for Redemption: Joe Scali
By Kate Rose

"Last year, I was only three months into CrossFit when I did the Open and Regionals. I didn't really get all the techniques and movements."

Joe Scali is looking for redemption.

“Last year, I was only three months into CrossFit when I did the Open and Regionals. I didn’t really get all the techniques and movements.”

Scali finished 17th in the 2012 Open in Canada West and 20th at Regionals.

Since last year, he has focused on skill acquisition.

“I worked on all my weaknesses and continued to develop as an athlete with help from CrossFit 604,” he says. “I also received a sponsorship to the Steve Nash Sports Club to help offset costs.”

Scali came to CrossFit through hockey. He played for Cornell University and professionally in Texas. At CrossFit 604, he found a home where he can be competitive. He recently found himself in a race to deadlift 500 lb. with another member. 

“I just hit a 505 lb. deadlift today,” he says. “Never tried it before, but it went up easy.”

This year, Scali believes, is his year. His main goal is to reach the Games, and he plans to train hard through the Open. 

“I have a lot more time until Regionals, so I want to continue the strength cycles and get all my Olympic lifts up to be ready for Regionals,” he explains. “It’s really all about bettering myself as an athlete and competing against the best.”

To that end, Scali is aiming for a top 10 in the Open within the region. His hope is to peak at Regionals, earning a ticket to the Games.

Open Workout 13.1 was an exciting challenge for Scali, he says. He finished with 169 reps on the burpee/snatch combination.

“So let’s take the two hardest ones from last year’s Open and combine them. Sweet,” he laughs.

Workout 13.2, though challenging, played to his strengths.

“I was really pleased with my effort on this, and I had a huge crew yelling and motivating me through this one.”

He came second in Canada West with 348 reps.

Scali originally predicted a workout consisting of only one movement for 13.3.

“It will be a single movement, like squat thrusters for five minutes, or more skilled one, such as muscle-ups. I wouldn’t mind some bicep curls,” Scali predicted beforehand. “I’m sure it will be a challenge mentally and physically.” 

On his first attempt, he managed 10 more muscle-ups than on 12.4, with 259 reps. On his second, he achieved three more muscle-ups for a score of 262. He wanted to reach 25 muscle-ups, but says he’s content with the results. 

“I’m still sitting in a very good spot on the Leaderboard,” Scali says.

Currently ranked second in Canada West, Scali’s training plan appears to be working.

“I’m happy with my results thus far, so I’m going to stick with my game plan and continue to push hard and train though the Open and be ready mentally and physically for the next level.”