Levels: A New Way To Enjoy CrossFit Competitions

March 6, 2022


CrossFit will introduce new competition levels following the conclusion of the CrossFit Open.

What Are CrossFit Competition Levels?

Competition levels will help athletes of every fitness and ability level find and compete against others of a similar level in CrossFit’s virtual competitions and other licensed competitions and events throughout the season.

The capabilities and accomplishments of the Fittest on Earth continue to challenge our assumptions about what is humanly possible. Each year, the Games athletes in every division demonstrate a level of fitness even more impressive than the year before.

At the same time, newcomers enter the Open for the first time each year, needing, as beginners always have, an opportunity to test their fitness relative to their own physical and psychological tolerances.

In between, hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world are entering the Open for the second, seventh, or even 12th time, using the Open as an annual benchmark to assess fitness, measure progress, motivate training, and remind themselves of the strength and support of the CrossFit community. 




Levels create an opportunity for athletes at every stage of this journey — from first-time Open competitor to professional CrossFit athlete — to find and compete against others like them.

How You Get One

Only athletes who participate in the Open will be eligible to receive a level. Following the close of the Open, all athletes who submit scores for every workout will automatically receive a level based on their overall performance.

Levels will be displayed on each athlete’s profile. Dual-division athletes (age group athletes who are also participating in the individual divisions) will be awarded two levels: one within the individual division and one within their respective age division.