Let's Talk Teams

February 15, 2024


Team eligibility, how to register, advancing in the season, and more.


The rules are relatively simple. Any affiliate in good standing with CrossFit can register a team, and anyone can be a part of the affiliate's team as long as they perform all of the Open workouts at the physical location of that affiliate. Athletes must be ready to provide video evidence of each team member performing all of the Open workouts at the affiliate or risk disqualification.  

How to Register

The affiliate owner or an athlete who will act as the team manager will register the team and pay the registration fee. 

The athlete who registers the team will be designated as the team manager for the competition season. Team managers will create a team and select athletes to join the team through their CrossFit Account Competition Dashboard. Athletes can also join their affiliate’s team from their own Competition Dashboard.  

Advancing to the Next Round

Teams will advance to the Quarterfinals based on their top two female and top two male scores in each test. Once your team advances past the Open to the Quarterfinal level, all workouts are designed to have four-person teams (two male and two female) working together. The workouts for the Quarterfinals can be performed at any location.

Competition Roster

Before Quarterfinals, registered teams will declare their competition roster. This will lock the team's possible members, meaning that the team may only choose from this list of athletes to compete. A competition team roster will consist of either: 

  • A maximum of six (6) athletes (2 alternates)
    • Three (3) men
    • Three (3) women
  • A minimum of four (4) athletes (no alternates)
    • Two (2) men
    • Two (2) women

The team event format will be programmed for two men and two women. Once competition begins, the two men and two women who start the competition will be the team that must complete all of the Quarterfinals workouts. It is not permitted to substitute in the alternates for any reason. If a member of the team gets injured during the competition or needs to leave the team for any reason, teams will not be allowed to use their remaining members to complete the competition. 

CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games | Photo by Meg Ellery

Onto Semifinals and the Finals

Before the start of the Semifinals competition, any two men and two women from the team’s competition roster (designated before the Quarterfinals) will check in on-site and compete. As long as the two men and two women checking in at Semifinals are part of the team’s competition roster, they may be different from the two men and women who completed the Quarterfinals. 

Once the two men and two women have checked in on-site, no other athletes will be involved in any way in the on-site check-in process, nor will they be eligible to compete at Semifinals. The remaining members of the team’s competition roster may only be used should a team member be unexpectedly injured or forced to withdraw prior to check-in at the Semifinal event. The same rule applies at the CrossFit Games. 


Contact support@crossfitgames.com with any questions.