February 28, 2012
Lessons Learned: Kim Williams
By Kate Rawlings

With less than a year at an affiliate, 2011 taught Williams quite a bit. The biggest lesson was commitment.

The 2011 CrossFit Games left Kim Williams of Coca CrossFit eight weeks too young from competing in the Masters division.  At the age of 44, Williams knew she would be competing for a spot to the Games against women half her age. That didn’t discourage her from hitting every week full steam ahead.

With less than a year at an affiliate, 2011 taught Williams quite a bit. The biggest lesson was commitment. A commitment she would have to make to CrossFit if she really wanted a shot at the podium.


In 2010, Williams was competing in the sport of military obstacle courses when a friend suggested she try a CrossFit competition. It was to be a challenging fitness competition held at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and being competitive by nature, Williams was in.

Williams quickly began training at here closest CrossFit affiliate, managing a paltry handful of workouts before heading to the 2010 Central East Regional. She learned immediately that she found her sport. Williams scaled the overhead squats, but she still managed to finish in the to 50 percent at her first try in competition.

She she spent the next year box hopping, never really claiming an affiliate. She also continued to explore powerlifting and traditional strength training throughout 2010.


It wasn’t until Coca CrossFit opened in October 2010 that Williams started training at one box under one coach. It was the influence she had been searching for.

Under the coaching of Kate Rawlings, Williams knew that she had a chance to learn from someone who had been where she wanted to be – the CrossFit Games.

Heading into the 2011 season Williams knew it was an uphill battle competing 44. Williams fought anyway. She hit every 2011 Open workout with everything she had, sometimes more than once. Will alone was not enough. Williams did not qualify for the Central East Regional.

Finishing 90th in the Region, she had one skill to work on: double-unders.


Much has changed since 2011. Williams is in a new competition category and has the ability to make the stage in California. This 45-year-old mother of three downsized her profession from a full-time regional medical position, allowing her to focus more time on training. Her rigorous training is composed of working Olympic lifts and met-cons and weakness to ensure she will not be beaten by the double-under demon again.

Williams recently competed at the Charlottesville SuperFit Games, where she swept the Masters division, bringing home the 1st place trophy. She also managed to take more than four minutes off her “Fran” time.

With Williams gaining momentum and hitting PRs almost every workout, Williams’ proves age is just a number.