March 13, 2013
Keeping Up With The Competition: Sam Joraslafsky
By Carter Jee

"I am definitely a much more rounded athlete this year after knocking some weaknesses on the head."


With the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open underway, Sam Joraslafsky has his eyes set on a third appearance at the Australia Regional.

The 31-year-old from South Australia is currently sitting in 32nd position in his region and 509th worldwide after scoring 173 in workout 13.1.

"I am pretty happy with that score," the owner of CrossFit Loaded says. "It is definitely a better start than last year (423rd in Australia after 12.1)."

Joraslafsky started CrossFit in 2009, and with just a few months of experience behind him, he competed at the 2010 Sectionals and finished 12thin his region.

In 2011, he went one better, finishing 15th in Australia in the inaugural CrossFit Games Open, and booking a spot to the Regional, where he finished 14th overall.

Last year, Joraslafsky finished 54th in Australia in the Open and went on to finish 15th overall at the Regional.

This year, Joraslafsky is confident he has what it takes to break into the top 10 in Australia.

"I feel I have come a long way since Regionals 2012,” he says. “But the competition has also jumped up a notch or two."

"I want to crack into the top 10 at Regionals,” he adds. “That would be awesome."

Driven to improve on his 15th-place finish, Joraslafsky changed his training schedule after last year, and hired a few new coaches.

Gold medal Olympic weightlifter, Christopher Rae, now helps with his lifting, while Dan Williams, of Range of Motion CrossFit, helps with gymnastics strength. Joraslafsky also made an effort to train two to three times a day.

"I am definitely a much more rounded athlete this year after knocking some weaknesses on the head,” he says.

“Regionals in 2011 and 2012 showed that handstand push-ups were a massive letdown for me. I also only ever did WODs, not much strength, little to no lifting and definitely no focus on gymnastic strength or skill."

It seems Joraslafsky’s new regimen is paying off, with a number of good results in local competitions around Australia. In the recent State of Origin YouFit Classic 2 competition, he finished fourth, tying with three-time Regional competitor, Kieran Hogan.

As well as individual success, Joraslafsky also has big plans for his affiliate in 2013.

“I'm also hoping to get a team in (for Regionals) from my affiliate,” he says.

After the first week of the Open, CrossFit Loaded sits in 50th position in Australia and is on track to qualify for the 2013 Regional, something Joraslafsky says will be a big reward for the gym’s dedicated members.

"Day in, day out, they put 100-percent effort into the workouts no matter how they are feeling,” he says. “So, I keep that mindset that no matter how sore or flat I am feeling, just get the work done to the best of my ability.”