May 7, 2018
Josh Bridges Surprises Little Boy in Hospital
By CrossFit
"Super Cooper" gets a surprise care package from Josh Bridges.
"Super Cooper" gets a surprise care package from Josh Bridges.

Proof that CrossFit Games athletes have hearts as big as their muscles, here's a recent Instagram post that is sure to make you smile. Josh Bridges sent a care package to a little boy (Cooper) who is in the hospital.

Along with shirts signed by Bridges himself, the care package also included the following handwritten note from the Games athlete and Navy Seal:

"To Cooper:
Keep fighting the fight, big man! I'll be praying for ya, little buddy! Hope this finds you and you kick cancer's butt! I'm rooting for you, buddy! Seals don't ever give up! And neither do you!"

—Josh Bridges

“It’s true that I don’t post much on social media. However, today is different. Today I want to give a HUGE thank you to Navy SEAL and CrossFit Games athlete Josh Bridges for the care package you sent to my son Cooper. Truly, words cannot express my level of gratitude. Thank you! #SuperCooper #faithoverfear #paytheman #keepfightingthefight
"We’re rooting for you Cooper."

Dale League, Cooper's father