Introducing Team Australia

September 23, 2014


One of the four teams to compete in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Invitational, presented by HGST.

Until now, none of the team rosters have been revealed.

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Invitational, presented by HGST will be held at the SAP Center in San Jose, California, on November 9. 

Team USA, Team Europe, Team Canada, and Team Australia will compete in back-to-back events during the two-hour competition. So far, none of the team rosters have been revealed.

Until now.

kara Webb


Kara Webb came close to winning the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. Webb led the women’s field until Sunday afternoon, when she came undone during the Midline March. Injured, Webb made the hard choice to withdraw.

Throughout the Games week, Webb excelled in events no one would guess could favor the compact, strong athlete.

On Wednesday morning at Hermosa Beach, svelte Olympian Anna Tunnicliffe and former collegiate swimmer Chyna Cho were chased down the soft sand and through the breaking waves by none other than Webb.

She took third on the Beach Event in the morning, and then won the Overhead Squat event that night with a 250 -lb. squat.

Webb continued her fight through the weekend with fourth and third on the Sprint Sled 1 and 2,fifth on the 21-15-9 Complex, ninth on the Sprint Carry, and third on the Clean Speed Ladder.

Webb helped Team World beat Team USA 24-19 last October, and will be the anchor of Team Australia this time around. 

CrossFit Games Record
2012 - 19th
2013 - 12th
2014 - 31st (withdrew)


denae brown


Denae Brown has qualified for the CrossFit Games twice, but only competed once.

Brown qualified in 2012, only to find out she was pregnant. She took a year off to have the baby, and then returned to the 2014 Australia Regional and won.

She went on to take 17th place at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games with standout performances on the Muscle-up Biathlon (fifth, 17:28), Sprint Sled 2 (fifth, 1:21), and The Beach (ninth, 36:22).

CrossFit Games Record
2014 - 17th


rob forte


Four-time CrossFit Games competitor Rob Forte has become a mainstay in the Australia region because of his consistent obliteration of regional events. 

He climbed from third in the region in 2011 to second in 2012, and has held onto first overall in the two years since.

If the CrossFit Invitational programming is more similar to regionals than the CrossFit Games, it will play to Forte’s favor.

This year’s Games was Forte’s best year yet with a 12th-place finish overall. Forte excelled at the Triple 3 (first 33:03), Sprint Sled 2 (fifth, 1:27), Sprint Carry (seventh, 2:42), and Double Grace (sixth, 5:27).

CrossFit Games Record
2011 - 30th
2012 - 35th
2013 - 33rd
2014 - 12th


khan porter


Khan Porter made it to the CrossFit Games with a third-place finish in Wollongong. He went on to finish 27th at the CrossFit Games, one rank ahead of legendary competitor Chris Spealler. 

The former surf lifesaving competitor excelled at The Beach with a fourth-place finish behind All-American swimmer Jordan Troyan, national-level swimmer Jonne Koski, and Navy SEAL Josh Bridges.

From there, Porter earned his 27th-place finish through his consistent middle-of-the-pack finishes. 

CrossFit Games Record
2014 - 27th


coach chad mackay

Three-time CrossFit Games competitor Chad Mackay will serve as the coach for Team Australia. 

Mackay is not new to the specific challenges of the CrossFit Invitational, nor coaching. He competed on Team World last fall, and could be seen coaching Lynne Knapman of the Masters 50-54 Division this past July.

His gym, CrossFit Active, has twice competed in the CrossFit Games (12th in 2013, 6th in 2014).