May 21, 2014
Igniting a Fire in Qatar
By Esther Leng

"The idea of Team Quwwa made people so excited that most of us signed up--even if we had only just started CrossFit."

Photos courtesy of Robert Anthony.

With a culturally sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in carbohydrates and refined sugar, Qatar is facing a modern day battle against obesity and diabetes. Amidst this, eight-month-old affiliate CrossFit Quwwa is offering its Qatari community a new way to live.

“It is amazing to see people of different ages and abilities fighting like an army through every workout,” said Ahmad Asheer, one of CrossFit Quwwa’s athletes. “We have new members joining us every week, which means a growing fitness family.”

When head coach Robert Anthony announced the affiliate would compete in the 2014 Open, and asked if anyone wanted to compete on the team, the response that ensued confirmed CrossFit is not just a passing phase to hit Qatar.

“The idea of Team Quwwa made people so excited that most of us signed up—even if we had only just started CrossFit,” said box member Khalid Al-Hamadi.“The experience of the CrossFit Open and training for the Asia Regional has made us closer to the coaches. Team Quwwa has become like a family.”

Five weeks after the start of the 2014 Open, team CrossFit Quwwa sat well within the top 30 in the region and earned a spot at the regional in Seoul, South Korea.

The team headed for the Asia Regional comprises of a mixed crew from many different sporting backgrounds including squash, Muay thai and soccer, with each team member has their own story about how the CrossFit community has changed their lives for the better.

Given that the Quwwa community is so young, it is not surprising the team has members who are still relatively new to CrossFit. Anna Krasnopolska, who is a mere four months into her CrossFit journey but loving every minute of it, is one such athlete.

“Every time I walk through the doors of our box, I see people sharing the same passion and giving their best in every WOD,” Krasnoplska said. “I am proud to be a part of it. The decision to start CrossFit has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.”

With the Asia Regional around the corner, the team is looking toward its goals for this year.

“To complete every workout and know that I couldn’t have worked any harder, to be moving when I want to rest and to rest only when I am done,” said team member Joe Broughton.

Together, the team is determined to leave everything on the floor and to enjoy the experience. Having fun as a community is the ultimate goal.

“I appreciate the friendships I have made—how we all help each other inside during the workout as well as beyond the box,” said Chris Rigby, member of Team Quwwa. “The support from everybody in the lead up to the Asia Regional has been amazing.”

Beyond the competition, Anthony plans to continue motivating and helping others reach their fitness goals and be better than they were yesterday.

“Keep it fun!” he said. “Have positive attitudes and enjoy every minute at the box.”

There is no doubt Team Quwwa will bring its best and more as their community rallies behind them and cheers them on every rep of the way.