How to Compete in the 2024 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals

March 22, 2024


Did you qualify for Quarterfinals? Here is everything you need to know to compete in the second stage of the 2024 CrossFit Games season. 



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What are the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals?

The second round of competition on the road to the 2024 CrossFit Games is the Quarterfinals. New this year, the top 25% of individuals, the top 25% of age-group athletes in each division, and the top 25% of teams per region from the Open will be invited to compete in the Quarterfinals. 

You can find the cutline tables on the Quarterfinals overview page.

Similar to the Open, this round of competition will be virtual, with workouts released and scores submitted via the CrossFit Games website and/or app. The Quarterfinals are broken up into different competition windows depending on your division.

Each competition window will require specific scores to be submitted, and deadlines are final.

Athlete rowing during Quarterfinals


Important Dates 


Quarterfinal Registration Begins: April 1

Team Quarterfinal: April 3-8



Quarterfinal Registration Begins: April 1

Individual Quarterfinal: April 17-22


Age Group

Quarterfinal Registration Begins: April 1

Age-Group Quarterfinal: April 17-22





Multi-Division Athletes

CrossFit athletes have incredible range. Every year, many athletes qualify for the Quarterfinals in multiple divisions. These athletes are welcome to compete in all divisions they have qualified for during the Quarterfinals. Keep in mind that each division requires its own registration process, so multi-division athletes will need to watch their email for invitations to each specific competition. 

If an athlete qualifies for both the Individual and Age-Group Quarterfinal, they will register twice, pay once, and submit one set of scores.


So, You’ve Qualified! What’s Next?

1. Accept Your Invitation

All qualifying athletes from the Open will receive an invitation to register for the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals in their emails. 


2. Complete the Workouts

Athletes will be required to complete several workouts across a six-day period. 


3. Submit Your Score

Athletes must submit their workout scores and video proof within the designated score submission window.


Score Submission Windows:

All divisions will have two submission windows.

  • Wednesday 12 p.m. PT - Saturday 5 p.m. PT
  • Saturday 5 p.m. PT - Monday 5 p.m. PT




Man video taping an athlete during Quarterfinals


What to Expect

This stage will be a different experience than the Open. The bar has been raised, as the goal is to narrow the field down on the way to the Games. Weights will be heavier, movements will be more advanced, time caps will be tighter, the depth of video review will be greater, and the workouts will be harder. 


Advancing to the CrossFit Games Semifinals

The Quarterfinals are a qualifying round for the Semifinal round of competition. If you are an athlete with eyes set on Semifinals, recognize that you will be required to film your workouts and have them ready for submission and verification. All advancing athletes for all divisions, or any athlete who submits a score that has an impact on advancing athletes, must submit all their videos for review. 

Athletes can submit scores without video. However, video is required for athletes advancing to Semifinals or top performers in any single test. If a video is requested and the athlete cannot provide it they will be given a score of zero. A registered judge (someone who has completed the 2024 Judges Course) is encouraged. 

Athlete handstand walking at the 2023 North America West Semifinal

2023 North America West Semifinal | Photo by Charlotte Foerschler


Why You Should Compete

Although qualifying for the Quarterfinals is a huge accomplishment, this is just the beginning. This is another opportunity to test your fitness in a more intense environment.  

Additionally, the CrossFit Games has a worldwide ranking system (WWR), and athletes who register for the Individual Quarterfinals will receive a WWR and will be included in the WWR publication. The WWRs will determine the Strength of Field and distribution of qualifying positions at each of the Semifinal competitions. The WWRs will also offer athletes another comparison with their fellow competitors beyond placement in their last competition.


Beat Dave Castro, Win GORUCK Shoes

Want to go head-to-head with Dave Castro during Quarterfinals?

CrossFit General Manager of Sport and Education Dave Castro will be completing the Individual and Age-Group Quarterfinals workouts.

If you beat Castro’s Quarterfinal workout scores, you will earn the chance to win a pair of GORUCK shoes. 

Once the leaderboard has been finalized, CrossFit will randomly select three winners per workout to be the lucky owners of a new pair of GORUCK shoes.


Here’s how to play:

–Register for the Individual and/or Age-Group Quarterfinal.

–Complete each workout and try your best to beat Castro’s scores.

–Submit your scores within the designated submission windows.


View the contest terms and conditions HEREGORUCK is the official shoe of CrossFit.

Dave Castro arm wrestling in a red seminar staff shirt_0.jpeg


For more information on the 2024 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals, please check the official CrossFit Games Rulebook and contact with any questions.